Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Leavers' Day

After work today we went straight out for a meal to say goodbye to three colleagues from our department who were leaving today.
The College has been hit with budget cuts and several members of staff took redundancy whilst others jumped before they were pushed and secured posts elsewhere.
We live in strange times where no job is completely safe.
However, after seven years as a freelance (where knowing where next month's work was coming from was job security) I feel mentally prepared for whatever comes round next year.
This outfit was perfect for the changing times.
After work I took off the shirt and had my posh frock all ready to party.

I wore:
Dress - Oasis (19)
Shoes - Marks & Spencer (25)
Shirt - Gap (9)


  1. Gorgeous outfit - and clever as well!

  2. I really like the dress and the tied shirt works so well to make it casual for day and without the shirt perfect for a party. Clever you!


  3. It's such a pretty frock, great print, perfect day-to-night outfit! xxx

  4. You tried the button-front shirt tied over a dress! It looks so fresh!

  5. We're going through similar cuts at our school. I'm thinking of leaving...but I want to go without any big good-bye party.

  6. I love your floral dress, and i adore a good knotted button down (you know)