Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Simply Blue

The children break up from school tomorrow so I am making the most of the time trying to get the house in order before chaos descends for another year.

I spent yesterday starting my closet clearout and listing some items on ebay which are here if you care to look.

I wish I was one of those organised homebodies but I have so many other interests in my life that I am always catching my tail when it comes to housework.
Ah well, onwards and upwards.

Today I wore:
Shoes - Converse (28)
Zara Jeans ( 15)
Denim Shirt - Barcleona boutique (21)
Scarf - H and M


  1. I spent the day reorganising my larder ready for the onslaught - they will have eaten everything in it by day 2 I expect anyway so why do I bother!? Enjoy your last day of freedom - ours break up Friday! x

  2. Make the most of your last day of freedom. Housework? Maybe you could bribe the kids to do it for you? x

  3. I can state with some conviction that your house couldn't possibly be in an untidier or grubbier way than mine!
    School holidays... I partly look forward to them for the lie-in potential, and partly dread them for the what-shall-we-do-every-day-that's-cheap conundrum! xxx

  4. The GD who is in high school has been out of school for weeks. She's an "only" so no sibs to fight with but "I'm bored" is heard often. She's going to the mts. with me next week, I have plenty of pine needles for her to rake if she even thinks about telling me she is bored, LOL.


  5. Oh how I love your converse and the scarf!!!! You make casual look great.

  6. I went and took a look at your items. I had not realized you have such tiny feet!