Monday, 16 July 2012

Crossover Clothes

I am learning a lot from the 31 for 31 challenge.

One of the things I have learnt is to plan better.
I hadn't worked out that I only had a handful of work days in July and can't see myself wearing the heels, smart skirts and jackets for the rest of the month as I spend the time trying to get the house in order.

The lesson I can take from this is to assess my wardrobe and see how it fits into my lifestyle.

There is a theme going on here.
My wardrobe is crammed with clothes that I wear once every couple of years, when what I really should be investing in is good quality casual clothes and shoes.

Today this skirt did cross over from smart to casual and as I had some banking and errands to run I decided to wear the heels for a change.

I think my Leopard Flats could do with a little rest!

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You have until July 31st to enter.

I wore:
Shoes - Clarks (29)
Skirt and T-Shirt - Gap (16 and 8)


  1. I do my best to find work clothes that I can translate into play clothes, but sometimes it's difficult. Great skirt!

  2. Same here, I get to get more casual clothes when I no longer have to do the school run in September x

  3. This outfit is really cute. I like the idea of elevating a tee shirt with a skirt and heels. It still looks everyday appropriate, but still casual.

    I do have the same issue as you...lots of clothes, not worn often enough. I need to buy fewer pieces in better fabrics. Oddly enough, thrifting has allowed me to do this a bit; I've purchased a few older pieces that are made of higher quality materials than current fast fashion. My favorite finds are silk blouses and dresses.

  4. Funnily enough I really miss the days of wearing my smart fashion forward 'work clothes'. Having retired from all that, every day is casual now but I do try to vary my look and not get drawn into wearing the same old comfortable items day after day. I like to look smartly turned out following the example set by my much missed elegant mother. Toning and/or 'funky' accessories are usually the key. And the right shoes - thank goodness for fashionable flats! (Though I had to succumb to some old black wellies due to the mudbath at my most recent fair.)

  5. It's taken me several years to learn, but I wear a skirt most days. You might add an apron for cleaning tasks.