Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Spring Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Day Three

I didn't intend to wear this ensemble today.
I was planning to wear the skirt with the striped top and black cardigan but when I saw this article in The Tmes this morning I decided to go for the belted shirt over the skirt.
I have been looking at my capsule and can see at least 14 possible outfits so may well continue beyond Friday.
I have been loving catching up with how everyone is responding to the challenge and amazed by the creativity, the colour and the sheer variety of outfits.
Maybe I made it too easy.
Maybe next tiime it will be 8 items and 2 accessories.
What do you think?
Today I wore:
Boots - tesco
Skirt - Marks and Spencer
Blouse - Boden
Necklace - Top Shop
Belt - Primark


  1. Hahaha! I guess it's not about the number of items, I think the challengers are all so creative. Love the belted shirt over the skirt. Your outfit is so perfect for spring. xoxo

  2. This outfit is really lovely. I think I will use it for inspiration (as soon as the challenge is over, lol). Yea, some folks are reaallllyy creative. I cant wait for the roundup at the end of the week, so I can see what everyone did.

  3. Leah - I agree the challengers are incredible. We can all learn so much from each other.
    Totally Inspired - thank you - I look forward to seeing what you wear and writing the roundup too.

  4. Hi. I'm not taking part in the challenge as I don't have any way of showing you the outfits. I do think it would be more creative if you extended the challenge over a weekend instead of just Mon-Fri. Personally I wear pretty much a self-imposed work uniform which is a capsule wardrobe of it's own, but it would be more difficult to incorporate some of the looks from my (very different) weekend wear. I think this would be a more interesting way of making it harder than decreasing the number of pieces allowed. Just a thought...

  5. This outfit so far is my favorite- bright colors, lovely necklace, great skirt and boots- perfect!! :)

  6. Fay - What a great idea. In my next post I will offer the challenge to make it over the weekend.
    Meli - I am so glad you like it and it is all down to The Times - not my usual paper I might add.

  7. Oh forgot to say- I am a layer-er. 10 items is hard to begin with, let alone 8! ;)

    Oh and I have been in the hospital with my neice from Monday mid-day until this morning, so I guess my wardrobe capsule challenge will have to wait for another week? I'll post on my blog about it...

  8. Oh making it last over the weekend would definitely be more challenging

  9. Meli - whenever you are ready. I hope your neice is on the mend.
    Tsnya - A week it is!

  10. darling outfit! looks like i may be graduating from scrubs so i hope to participate in your next challenge ;)

  11. oh, dear, i beg of you -- please dont limit my accessories! *giggle*
    this challenge has already taught me that i actually rely much more on my accessories to make an outfit unique than the actual wardrobe pieces. never knew that about myself!

  12. eek - that would be wonderful. I was thinking about June for the next one.
    EvaNadine - There is always something to learn from the capsule challenge.

  13. Jane thank you so much for your kind words.... i felt uninspired and am tired... but, you have uplifted my spirits ! Thank you, I can't wait to see you in trousers and for the dress...the best part is I paid 6 dollars for it (NEW) !
    I am now going to read the article you mention...
    and I need a faded jean skirt like yours )

  14. Nice look, the blouse looks great belted up!!

  15. I like the idea of extending over the weekend rather than cutting back on pieces... do you know how hard it was for me to only choose 2 pairs of shoes and wear the same necklace?!?! :)

    I do love this idea and I bookmarked your inspiration. I think that a pencil skirt challenge is in order and will be thinking of some rules to go along with it soon!! :)

  16. I've always liked the idea of forcing us to do less with more. I think I made some bad picks, this time, and so my capsule isn't terribly versatile, but last time I could've gone on for at least two more days. So I agree; next time, make it harder! I'm really interested to see your outfits if you decide to continue using your capsule for a few extra days.

    PS Love the big belt with the floral shirt and jean skirt, very Western!


  17. Personally, I didn't think I could do this, thank you for letting me see the light that I don't need a whole lot of clothes to do a full wardrobe....

  18. Good grief cut the allowance - is power going to you head!! I reckon you could, but it would be really hard, maybe not so hard in the summer.

    I had to laugh I saw someone today who I hadn't seen since the last capsule wardrobe challenge.

    Also it was freezing in London today so might have to wear a proper coat tomorrow plus warm hat & scarf as it is going to be very cold again xx

  19. I'm also continuing over the weekend. I could easily make 14 outfits from my pieces too. Maybe restrict the challenge to only one dress. A dress can be an outfir in it self, so maybe that is cheating?

  20. so lovely! i love this ensemble! definitely a good choice! :)

  21. I could definitely do a few more outfits with my items - and I even have three pairs of shoes. Though I have to say I'd rather have more accessories - I didn't include any earrings and I've been missing them.

    I like the belted top, good choice!

  22. LOVE the boots!! You look warm, yet springy!

  23. I totally think you could decrease the # of options or increase the days. If you included the challenge to have a weekend too that would up the difficulty fo sure... work wear and weekend shenanigans in one capsule. I am having way too uch fun with this...thanks!

  24. I think that increasing the number of days, and particularly extending the challenge over a weekend, would add to the difficulty for sure. One of the benefits for me is that I can wear business casual clothes all week since I'm working, but "budgeting" for a weekend wardrobe would be tricky!

    I get such a kick out of seeing the various responses to the challenge, whether people are trying it for the first time, or are repeat challengers. It keeps getting better and better.

  25. i LOVE this jane! you look so adorable and spring is definitely on its way with this outfit!

  26. I'll add my support for extending this over a weekend - that would really be a challenge for me since I live in casual wear on the weekend, but do ultra-dress for work during the week.

    Please don't limit the number of items! I'm already wearing one poor tee 4 times this week. :)

    I am loving seeing how everyone puts together their outfits, and I have surprised myself with new combinations and looks! Thanks for doing these. I would love to do a summer one!


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