Saturday 13 March 2010

The Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2010 Winner is........

Well I promised so here it is - the Spring Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Round-Up.
I have gone through every SCWC post to summarise how each blogger tackled the challenge.
1. Sadly Meli had to drop out of the challenge due to family illness but she has promised to tackle the challenge later in the month.
2. Franca tackled the challenge with her trademark colour and quirky professional chic.
3. Wearabouts Town came up with an amazing 22 outfits form the capsule taking creativity to another level. Check out her dress converte dinto an infinity scarf.
4. Lorena started by the challenge by utiling colour and then converting a dress into a skirt to add variety to her workwear wardrobe that also had to offer casual chic.
5. The reigning Capsule Champion Kate made use of her extensive deisgner wardrobe and mixed and matched with High Street buys to create a stylish capsule that would not be out of plac eon a glossy spread.
6. Too Much Information stretched her cpasule to 8 outfits and still managed to maintain the integrity of her usual style and keep warm at the same time.
7. The ethereal Julia from Song Of The Exile showed off her fantastic wardrobe to the max with her capsule which emphasised the luxe of the silky fabric and a fabulous capelet.
8. The fabulous Kimberley of Fab Finds found the limits on the wardrobe a little too limiting but still put totgether some stunning outfits from the capsule plus one.
9. Honeybunch of Roses provided a varied wardrobe form her capsule and still maintained a stylish chic look.
10. Bluerose wore the capsule for seven days and still didn't wear all of the combinations.
11. It was the third CWC for Kasmira who as usual dazzled with her creativity and the spring shades of lemon and pink provided a welcome reminder of spring.
12. It was also a thid CWC for Sheila who funked up the workwear wardrobe with her distinctive style. A vote on her blog revealed the Zipper Chic outfit a winner.
13. Cara's capsule revealed a range of outfits that was so different I had to count to check she hadn't cheated. And she hadn't!
14. Biba managed 7 colourful days and brought us all out of the winter doldrums.
15. From Sneakers to Stilletos mixed some strong hues of blue and green with neutrals to create a smart but stylish ensemble.
16. Totally Inspired has us all totally inspired with a great selection and fantastic jacket/cardigan.
17. Tanya has such a fabulous figure she could have looked great in a bin bag but her capsule was anything but. A fantastic plaid shirt and flirty floral dress were my favourites.
18. MyEdit made full use of some great accessories to create a comprehensive capsule of outfits for every occasion.
19 Rate My Outfit created a capsule form my favourite black, red and white and still only wore 9 items.
20. Fashionably Free To Be Me added the colour purple to rock neutrals of black and white.
21. Kari was another maestro colour mixer. She took some neutrals and added red and purple to create a versatile wardrobe.
22. Lina admitted she was a little scared when the challenge was over as she had made such a good job of her restricted wardrobe she was overwhelmed by the choice now on offer. Lina made full use of the accessories on offer with some creative mixing of scarves.
23. Bella made great use of a signature style using belts, scarves and sunglasses to create a seamless capsule.
24. BBM showed off some fabulous floral outfits mixed with some amazing scenery, Both her outfits and the backdroip proved spring is on the way. Yay!
25. Emma created a varied workweek wardrobe and her colleagues had no idea that her wardrobe was restricted until she told them.
26. Wearing My Threads was able to slip from a casual laid back look to smart and workwear chic with effortless ease.
27. I loved the way Chic On The Cheap combined the colour with pretty hose to gain a dramatic yet dressed down look.
28 Materfamilias combined classic style with a nod to the latest trends.
29. Preppy With A Twist combined florals, striped and colour to create an ednless combination of unique looks.
30. How I loved Madam Owl's combo. It wa slaid back and colourful some days and other all belted up to create a smart stylish look.
31. It was wonderful to see Stephanie back. I love the way even her most relaxed outfits have a dramatic twist.Don't stay away so long again Stephanie. We missed you.
32. I loved the way Legacy of Pearl used the accessories to full effect, especially that red scarf as a belt. And as if one challenge wans't enough she stepped striaght into a five day scarf challenge right afterwards.
33. Maria created a great capsule from her lovely pink/purple dress which looked different every time.
34. I loved Vani's tailored capsule but I'm not sure if she counted the pooch as one of her accessories.
35. Eva Nadine chose a striking blue dress as the basis for her caspule and mixed it beautifully.
36. 37. Law School Fashionista showed a winning way with the LBD and jeans.
38. Dawn mixed colours, dresses, jeans and cardigans to create a classy spring capsule perfect for her very busy lifestyle.
39.Get well soon Nina. Nina delayed the final outfit due to flu but it was well worth it. Love the polka dot dress and the way you wore it.
40. Muted neutrals and bright spring prints converted Getting Fine 09's creative capsule.
And the winners are:
The Spring Capsule Challenge Award goes to:
My Edit.
I chose My Edit because of the variety of outfits, the clever use of accessories and the striking style statement made with each outfit.
The random spot prize goes to:
Can the winners please email me - with your address and I will post the prizes.
Congratulations to everyone who took part.
I learned something new from each and every one of you.
The next challenge will be the first week of June.
I hope you will all join me then.


  1. Congratulations ladies! I had a lot of fun participating and I know I'll use the skills to simplify my packing for vacations.

  2. Congratulations to the winner... all of you are just fabulous. xoxo

  3. I'm so glad MyEdit won!! Her capsule was great, and you're right--her variety was stunning. And Sheila also was awesome, as usual, with her fun and playful work style. Great job you guys!!


  4. Congrats to the winners! And thank you for posting the list. To be honest, I chickened out of your first two challenges. But it turned out to be FUN to participate.

  5. Yeah! You have no idea how happy that makes me... I just yelled at Matt that I won and he's like 'what the what?', nevermind him, but I'm really flattered. I'm going away this week for a bit so I'm taking the lessons I learned from the challenge and applying them to my packing.

  6. Wow, thanks so much, Jane! I'm not sure what a "spot" prize is, but woo! I won it! Emails's been sent. :)

  7. Fantastic - hours of fun! And I love your choice of winner - just popped over to her blog - beeootiful! Now I have another one to add to my HUGE list! x

  8. you are so sweet, I love the roundup! Thanks for including my absense (and I WILL do this challenge either next week or the week after for sure! As soon as my crazy schedule settles down a bit).

  9. 41 participants is so good and well done to My Edit, I'm passing on my crown!

  10. Thanks you, Jane. Challenges like yours are what keep me motivated to keep up the style blog at times when it starts to feel pointless and too superficial. You help remind me of why I started it in the first place: I love being part of a global community of creative, resourceful, supportive women (mostly women) who happen to really enjoy pushing the limits of their wardrobes. I truly appreciate it.

  11. Congrats to the winners and thanks a bunch for including me in the roundup! It was great fun and I can't wait for the next one.

  12. i knew myedit was doing something but i never clicked over to see what it was all about... can't wait to go back and read through the roundups - this is so awesome!

  13. I take my hat off to all of you! Amazing work.

  14. Congrats to the winners and thanks a bunch for including me in the roundup! It was great fun and I can't wait for the next one.


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