Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Fantastic February

February will be fantastic because......
it is my 21st Wedding Anniversary
it is Valentine's Day
it is my birthday
and by the end of the month it will be spring.
I mentioned in my last post about the book The Secret.
Now I know it is hard for a lot of people to swallow.
It was hard for me too.
I was just as sceptical when one of the men in my prison writing group handed it to me a few weeks back.
While I was waiting for the men to complete a writing task I had given them I flipped open the book and started to read.
Last year threw a bucketload of lemons at me.
And during January I was still picking up the bitter skins.
I felt like I was constantly firefighting, always on the defensive and as a consequence not very pleasant to be around.
To be honest I didn't like the person I was becoming very much.
I liked the tone of The Secret and just for the positive thinking part I decided to read it and have a go.
Within days I smiled more, I became more thankful and I made a wish list.
Within a week several of these things came true.
Let me share one of those with you.
As instructed by the book I decided to create a Wish Board - I put lots of inspirational sayings, ideas, pictures of clothes (of course), the seaside, all the things that make me feel good.
But there was one thing missing.
A picture of a Flamenco dancer.
For several years now I have wanted to go to Seville during the Flamenco Festival Week in April.
I couldn't find a picture so went to the local travel agent to get a City Breaks brochure.
I came home and placed the book on the table.
"What's that for?," asked my husband.
"I just got it for a picture," I said explaining about the Wish Board.
My husband went white.
"Shall I tell you what I've got for your birthday," he said.
Now many may say this is a coincidence.
However, I never told him about the book or mentioned the word Seville in recent months to my husband.
He has known I have wanted to go to Seville for many years.
So why, within a week of creating my Wish Board did it happen?

Today's outfit was created to keep out the cold with two cardigans.
Jeans - Gap
Black Cardigan - Tesco
Pink Cardigan - Saltwater
Boots - Clarks
T- shirt - French Connection


  1. I don't believe in coincidence ~ it's all 'meant to be' ~ call it serendipity! Keep wishing and keep making 2010 the year you want and deserve.
    much love
    Heather xxx

  2. I love that book... I use the secret method a lot and it works. It's the power of creative visualization and positive thinking at work.

    I miss you, glad you're back! xoxo

  3. How exciting, what a lovely present!

  4. WOW ! How amazing is that! and exiting! Yay Seville, there you go !
    So happy for you :)

  5. lovely story! I do believe that some things are meant to be :) keep on with the positive thinking!!!

    lovely layering with the two cardis- the pink pops against the black really well :)

  6. How exciting!! Positive thinking is a good thing.

  7. Well, that just goes to explain why you are still married after 21 years - you are both on the same wavelength. I'm glad you're feeling more positive - I could do with a bit of positivity myself right now.

  8. What a wonderful story! I'm so happy that you're finally getting your wish.

  9. Enjoy the Flamenco Festival! And enjoy the rest of your life with your wonderful husband...!

  10. I don't really believe in coincidence. I think everything has some kind of pattern, whether or not we discern it or not. And they always say, the more you're vigilant for coincidences, the more will come you're way. I started writing down all mine, big or small, and it's kind of incredible. Anyway, glad you're on the up and up!


  11. Happy (upcoming) birthday and anniversary! That is so wonderful of your husband to surprise you with a trip you had always dreamed of. He sounds like such a sweet and thoughtful guy.

  12. Maybe you talk in your sleep???LOL. No, I'm thinking of getting the book myself, it seems inspiring. Sevilla, WOW!!! I love flamenco and anything's got to do with Spain, actually. I started a flamenco course a few years ago but I was too clumsy to be able to master it! Love watching though....All the best. Ciao. A.

  13. Love the way you've layered this outfit and used what looks like a broach to pin it with. (I'm not sure)

    What a nice surprise and a great trip to look forward to.


  14. Sometimes just need a diferent perspective on our life. I never read the book, however I do believe that the way we see our future can make the good things we want happen.
    Feruary seems like a wonderful month :)

  15. Great! I must get that book too ( via Amazon? ). I am a hasty person. I have said this so many times. I´m maybe `over´hasty, my husband doesn´t get the chance to surprise me!

  16. Oh, that's so exciting. What an amazing guy to have arranged that for you!!

  17. I think I am ready. I've planned a list, but I'll pull it all out and make sure it works like I think it will


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