Friday, 19 October 2012

Teenage Tantrums

Not me, my daughter.
How does anyone cope with a 15-year-old daughter?
When will it end?
Positive answers please


  1. Oh, Jane.
    I don't have kids but I do I remember throwing tantrum when I had 15, it ended with my grandmother slapping me :/
    I no longer throw tantrums... in fact i think that was my last one.

  2. No idea! My eldest is only ten, so we have it all to come. I always rather like the idea of doing the same as the woman in that advert who throws herself on the floor in the supermarket to divert her toddler from a tantrum. Think I will try that - out-tantrum the teenager, that should be good sport!
    You look lovely, if that makes you feel any better. And it's just a phase, every tricky patch you ever have to deal with as a parent is only ever a phase. Good luck! xxxx

  3. Had 3. 2 girls and a boy. Tantrums seem to disappear at about age 35. Good luck.

  4. Ah, Jane I feel your pain. I too have a 15 yr old, soon to be 16, but she seems to have calmed down recently. Unfortunately I also have a 13 yr old hot on her heels :(

  5. My eldest is nearly 17, and I would say she's calmed down significantly since she got past 15 - but she's my calm one! I'm dreading my currently 12 year old becoming a fully fledged teen in March! I would recommend choosing your battles and letting her "get away with" the things that actually aren't life altering (skirt length, hair colour, extra holes in ears etc) and sticking to your guns over those decisions that will truly make a difference to her future! (But you're the expert - you've been there before and made it out the other side!)

  6. Just wrote a massive comment and have lost it! Best thing, only speak when you are spoken to, that way they don't bite your head off!

  7. Have just discovered the world of blogging and love yours!

    I have an 18 yr old daughter who has 'come through the other side'! and is now a delight. She went through a stroppy phase around 14/15. I think the previous comment re not getting too hung up on minor issues helped me!
    I also have a 15yr old son and he's Far more agro! any tips there would be welcome!

  8. Oh my, I so know the feeling!

    My youngest as you know is 16 and still has the odd "strop" or two. I try to take them in my stride and not bite back, it only makes it worse. It does get better but I do think girls are divas, bless em.

    X x

  9. Oh dear! I'm childless for a reason & therefore no help whatsoever! Hope things are better today. x

  10. Can you send her to her Nana's? Our nearly 16 yo GD is an angel when she is with us. Helpful, sweet, engaging, funny. When I say that, her Mom often asks me just WHO was at our house, LOL! Can you remember being that age? So much drama.


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  12. I had three teen daughters at once and i gradually learned to simply not respond to tantrums. Sometimes I would be so serene about it that the teen would eventually laugh at herself and how ridiculous it sounded. However, this is a LEARNED response and it took me a while to master it for sure.