Thursday, 25 October 2012

Something For Nothing (Almost)

It is time to share some of last week's bargasms with you.
I dashed into my local Marks and Spencer store during a lunchbreak from work.
While I was looking for a sandwich I noticed the sale rail and had a browse.
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw what was on offer.
There were two pairs of shoes left.
Both in my size (4.5).
I bought two pairs of shoes for £11 and two tunic dresses for £13.
The shoes were originally £25 and £49.50 while the dresses which are both fully ined were £35 and £39.50.
Even better was the fact that it cost me just £1.
I won a £10 M and S voucher in a recent raffle at work and the other vouchers were loyalty vouchers plus I paid £1.
Now that is what I call something for nothing.


Today I wore:
(5) Boots - Clarks
(23) Skirt - Gap
(8) Shirt - Boden
(9) Yellow jumper (to replace yellow cardigan) - Primark



  1. Those are some fabulous buys! I especially love the pink print dress and can't wait to see you rock it :)

  2. Bargasm! LOL that sounds a bit like it might hurt...until I read the rest of your post. Too funny, but nice bargains!

    I think you look great without makeup. I really cut back on mine since I started blogging. I stopped wearing foundation and mascara. The two things I hated bothering with.

  3. Yay! I love a bargain…those red snakeskin ones are my fav…well done you…am a teeny bit green eyed, Avril xx

  4. Wow - great bargains and I am especially pleased that you found them in M&S because I've often done the same and have some beautiful dresses in both silk and linen, purchased in M&S sales. Many stylish people I meet who have higher incomes than me don't use M&S except maybe for food or possibly underwear so they have no idea. I've frequently been complimented on my dresses and now say " designer" because I'm amazed they don't know that they're from M&S. I'm mainly talking about Limited Edition not Per Una by the way - though occasionally there are really lovely, simple but stylish designs from the general range that don't get the publicity like the ghastly Twiggy designs.

  5. That is some amazing shopping and I love the second pair of shoes. Envious of your tiny feet.

  6. I cannot believe this - wow Jane !
    You got some really nice things, specially the dresses :)

  7. A pound!! That takes some beating!! X

  8. Hahaha...bargasms..thats so funny!

    You did well......and the red maryjanes are gorgeous.

    I really like the yellow sweater that your are wearing too.

  9. What bargains, you are an amazing shopper, combining coupons, etc. Nothing like almost free.