Friday, 26 October 2012

Frantic Friday

Nearly the end of our half term holiday.
Today was a super productive day.
I managed two runs, cleaned the house and a walk through the village with my husband.
The weather has gone much colder today.
Tonight we are off to our friends for a meal before enjoying a Saturday lie-in as there is no football for my son tomorrow.
Enjoy your weekend.
Today I wore:
(5) Black Boots- Clarks
(10) Skirt - Marks and Spencer
(4) Black t-shirt
(27) Jumper - Wallis


  1. Very pretty outfit...very pretty week of outfits.

  2. As yours ends our starts, so looking forward to half term!

  3. Enjoyed your week of outfits. I notice all my favorites are the ones that show your waist.