Sunday, 21 October 2012

Notes From A Weekend

Thank you for all your constructive comments on how to handle a teenage monster daughter.
As you would expect, the Friday tantrum was the first of many.
However, following all your expert advice I decided to opt for the stay serene option.
She was so confused when, despite a regular rant, I remained "unresponsive."
"You are just so useless," was one of the kinder comments I received.
However, her dad still hasn't got a handle on the serenity yet.
My husband  (a police officer of  25 years service),  did not take too kindly to being called a "f**king **obhead").
I am sure we will laugh about it all one day.
Maybe when she has a teenage daughter or two of her own.
But back to the weekend.
Friday night was a relaxing affair with wine and nibbles in front of the TV marvelling at the "youthful" appearance of Felicity Kendal.

On Saturday morning I cycled into the village to meet a friend for coffee and had a mooch around the charity shops while my husband stayed at home and cooked our Caribbean meal.

In the evening four friends arrived to share the delicious meal inspired by my husband's penchant for Sailor Jerry.

The drink, not the man.
I hope.

After a lovely leisurely walk with the dog on  a sunny Sunday morning we went into Southport to buy my husband and new cycling bag another lazy  evening watching The Book of Eli.
Still another week of my 31 for 31 October capsule wardobe challenge to go and I am enjoying the way I have to be creative.
 I think I may do it all over again in November.
Fancy joining me?
I wore:
Saturday Day
(5) Boots - Clarks
(15) Jeans - Tesco
(27) Jumper - Wallis
Underarmour - sportswear
Saturday evening
(16) Shoes - Clarks
(20) Dress - H and M
(5) Boots - Clarks
(26) Jeggings - Marks and Spencer
(14) Denim Shirt


  1. I've got all this to come haven't I - my daughter is 5 !! At the moment the tantrums she throws are screaming and stamping feet and I take the route of "remove the audience" ! Not sure how I will handle her as a teenager !! Xx

  2. I'm sorry to learn that you are going through this struggle with your daughter. One response that worked with my boys when they commented negatively about me was "yes, and you don't know the half of it". So for your husband....his response to "you're a f****** **nobhead... would look like this "yes and you are going to find out how much of a ******** I can be if this continues....and you aren't going to like what happens next". Then you have to have a plan of action that you stick to.

    1. and I often took them for rides past the juvenile delinquent center or some old boarded up homes to show them where we could be living if things didn't change.

  3. Your daughter's tantrums at teen age got me thinking long as hard as how i can be mentally prepare to handle my own. As of now i am having a hard time dealing with a 4 year old who has attitudes and is very strong will. I know it is nothing comparing to what you are dealing with. But boy raising a kid takes away so much sanity. This is why moms totally need to be pampered so we stay sane.

  4. Glad you had a fabulous weekend despite the stroppy teenage angst! x

  5. Sound like a good weekend. Looking at your posts lately has me thinking how much I like the black/brown combo. It is something I remember putting together years ago but not lately. You've inspired me to look through my closet and see if I can use some of the things I have in a new way.


  6. Oh no, I don't think I can do serenity... I'll have to try something else when my turn comes!
    Glad the weekend was full and happy, a little parent-baiting apart...
    Love your red dress. xxx

  7. Sounds like you had a good weekend even with a stroppy child, bless em eh!

    x x