Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Mellow Yellow

Today's outfit was inspired by one a jumper and shirt I found on pinterest which led me to this blog.
I love the combination of the yellow and gingham shirt.
It was cold today but the heating was finally repaired in my office so I no longer have to wear layers which make me resemble the Michelin Man.
Today I wore:
(7) Boots - Clarks
(8) Short - Boden
(9) Cardigan - Gap
(10) Skirt - Marks and Spencer


  1. Love love love the colours!

  2. You'd never think it was cold looking at you, you look gorgeously bright and summery! x

  3. Great that you are doing another remix challenge. I need to start one to stop shopping!!

  4. The blue and yellow works really well together and looks well on you. Sometimes I find yellow hard to wear, that seems the perfect shade.


  5. The cheerful yellow looks so good on you, especially mixed with the blue. It really draw attention to your pretty face and blonde hair.