Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Ladies Who Lunch

What a palaver.
Today I was due to meet my friends, Nina and Dawn for lunch.
But when I got up at 8 am to walk the dog I smelt gas.
I phoned the emergency number and within an hour a lovely young man had come to investigate.
Yes, we had a leak.
Oh no.
He discussed knocking down walls and lifting up floorboards.
And then he offered to see if he could isolate the leak.
One life story and a coffee (two sugars) later.
The leak was no more.
What a nice man.
I mentally totted up the amount of money I had saved and promptly ordered a dress from the Karen Millen sale.
Fortunately, I was able to enjoy my lunch with Nina and Dawn and even picked up a onsie for my son.
Happy Days.


  1. Yikes
    I 'd be terrified at a gas leak - glad you got it fixed.
    And your son is such a good sport wearing his onesie :)

    1. It wasn't too bad Lorena and my son has been asking me for weeks to gte him a onsie. He loves it. My husband thinks I only bought it because I want him to stay a baby forever. And he is quite right!

  2. I am mystified by onesies. Babygros? For grown ups? Weird!
    Funnily enough, we smelt gas a couple of weeks back, it was actually the meter leaking!
    Lunch with the girls is always fun. xxxx

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  4. My son (23) has a devil onesie and wore it all Christmas Day last year - he loved being photographed in it. Boys are odd!

    Good to know the leak was sorted so quickly and easily.
    (Stupid auto-correct keeps making me post rubbish!)

  5. Wow - I'm so glad your got your gas leak sorted…scary! Glad it was followed by a bit of shopping and a lovely girly lunch. Avril x

  6. Fabulous layering here!
    glad to hear the gas leak didn't turn into a huge ordeal.
    Chic on the Cheap

  7. A gas leak can be a very serious thing--thank goodness the crisis was averted. And why is your son wearing a onesie? My grandson wore his pajamas to school today (a onesie), but came home complaining that they'd been too warm.

  8. Loving the way you totted up the saving to promptly spend, so made me chuckle.

    Glad all is sorted .

    X x

  9. Fab outfit and thank goodness the gas leak didn't interfere with lunch.
    I don't get those all-in-ones. Why do kids wear them adn why are they so popular? Is it some celebrity thing? x