Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Leather Look

This skirt is such a fine fabric but it looks like leather from a distance.
I don't think I would have chosen it in the shop but when I saw it in the online Gap sale last year I snapped it up and have worn it many times since.
I have to admit Tuesday is my least favourite day of the week.
But today was good.
The sun shone and the autumn trees looked picture perfect.
And I have booked Friday off work so Tuesday is my new Wednesday this week.
What's your least favourite day of the week?
I wore:
(21) Animal Print Shirt - Marks and Spencer
(22) Brown Cardigan - Matalan
(23) Gap Skirt
(7) Boots - Clarks


  1. Bizarrely, Friday is my least favourite day! I'm just so worn out with the weekly routine by then.
    You look great in that outfit. I am really interested in seeing how you put the looks together when you have reached your '30' total of items :-)

  2. What a sassy little skirt, it looks great! Since I stopped being a wage slave I like all days of the week although Sunday morning can be a bit evil depending on the night before! x

  3. You look great, leather-look and leopard, that's pretty rock chick!
    I still don't like Mondays! xxxx

  4. That is a great skirt and the overall look is so coordinated. Nice.


  5. This is a wonderful look for you. The skirt is to die for.