Monday, 8 October 2012

Colour Blind

My camera appears to have gone colour blind.
I took two photos today.
One outside in the natural light.
The other inside with the hall light on.
I was amzed to find the indoor shot was truest to the colour.
The shade of the red in the photo below has turned my dress and scarf orange.
If you know anything about photography and light, can you enlighten me?
I wore:
(20) Red Dress - H and M
(4) Black Top - Primark
(1) Boots - Clarks


  1. It really annoys me when you can't get the correct colour, especially when I take a picture of painted nails for the blog but I do only have the iphone!

  2. I am the last person to ask about the technicalities of photography! Strictly a point'n'press and hope for the best merchant. The outfit is lovely, whether red or orange! xxx

  3. Dunno! But it's pretty in both colours! X

  4. I would guess it has something to do with the white balance on your camera. It is probably set for indoor lighting and not natural lighting.

    Love that rich red skirt!

  5. I agree with the others, whatever colour it's supposed to be it's still fabulous! It's definitely the setting on your camera, but if you use Picmonkey to edit you can Auto-Adjust in basic edits and that should reset the colour correctly! x

  6. Ha! I rather like the orange. Maybe you will have to go shopping with that color in mind.


  7. I suck at photography Jane :(
    I like how you have styled that scarf. Nicely done.