Thursday, 4 October 2012

Parents' Evening

It was going to be a late one today - parents' evening.
Our Year 13 students and their parents came to college to meet their teachers and discuss their progress with us.
In a fortnight I will be on the other side of the desk when we accompany our son to his school.
I don't know which way round I prefer it.
Either way I need to look smart.
I wore:
(11)  Shoes - Clarks
(12) Dress - Boden
(13) Red Cardigan- Tesco


  1. And you do indeed look smart! Hope the parents evening went well. xx

  2. This is a great dress. You can do so much with it. Your look is very smart!!!!

  3. You do look smart, hope it went well! Love the pop of red! x