Friday, 12 October 2012

Black Friday

This week has consisted of too much black.
Next week I pledge to colourize my dailywear.
Today I have had a great day cleaning and tidying.
Now I am off to get my nails done and this evening I am out for dinner with my husband.
Tomorrow I will  be  taking our 17-year-old son to Liverpool John Moores University for an Open Day and on Sunday I hope to do very little apart from watch films and drink wine.
How about you?
I wore:
(28) Shoes - Clarks
(26) Jeggings - Marks
(14) Denim Shirt
(27) Wallis Jumper



  1. Yes, the colourful outfit with the red skirt and scarf is certainly the one that pops out of the line up!
    Enjoy your weekend! xxx

  2. Now I really do like that jumper. Have been on the hunt for boxy, but oversized jumpers in dark colours ( am a bit of a grey, brown, black with a pop of colour girl I must confess!) . Ive had little success, but wouldn't have thought to look in Wallis! Off I go next week to check what they have...... X

    1. Be quick - this was in the sale - reduced from £35 to £20!

  3. The red outfit is my favourite, too, just like Curtise! Have a fab weekend. I'll be mostly selling vintage and smiling like a nutter! x

  4. Like you I chose a lot of black this week.
    It just seemed like the easy way to Go!

  5. perhaps it's a seasonal thing.... I wore a favourite black cashmere nearly everyday this week !!

  6. Love that jumper! Wish I could get motivated to do loads of cleaning, the house is in desperate need but it feels like a mammoth task so I shall spend my sunday doing the same as you instead!