Tuesday, 2 October 2012


It's a Blink day today - black and pink - a favourite winter combo for me.
This new H & M skirt is the same style as the skirt in the strapless dress (below) I bought from the same store several years ago.

Both are a fine babycord and so cosy for winter.
I would love a skirt or dress like this in all my favourite colours - blue, orange and yellow.

I wore:
( 5) Boots - Clarks
(6) Skirt - H & M
(4) Top - Primark
Scarf - Next


  1. cute - i love the bold contrast and the pretty scarf!

  2. Blink! What a good name! Such a cute little skirt. xxx

  3. Lovely skirt! And I love the word combos - along the lines of blink and grellow (remember Academichic's E. and her love of grey & yellow?)!

  4. I'm loving Blink! Pink is my favourite colour (well from when I was a child it was) but I rarely wear it, have one pair of shoes (dark) and a top and that's it!

  5. Great color combo. However (this is the Mom in me speaking)... take your hands out of your pockets. Thank you dear :-)