Saturday, 4 February 2012

Week 5: Thrifty Friday

Daughter: You are NOT going out wearing THAT skirt?.
Me: Why?
Daughter: It is disgusting:
Me: It cost 99p at Oxfam.
Daughter: You can tell. I wouldn't be seen dead going out with you wearing that.
Me:I love it - it's by Vila.
Daughter: What's Vila
Me: A pretty good brand
Daughter: Brand of what? Rubbish?
Me: I am off now.
Daughter: Can you pick me up after school to go shopping?
Me: MMm! I thought you wouldn't be seen dead going out with me wearing this?

I wore:
Boots - Clarks
Skirt - Vila (thrifted)
Top - Top Shop


  1. I like the skirt although I can't quite make out the detail at the hem. Laughed at the fact that your daughter would find you "acceptable" if she could talk you into taking her shopping.


  2. brilliant.....the skirt and the conversation!!

  3. hey lady, nice to see you came back to blogging. I dropped out but am returning.

    You are the woman I have never forgot thanks to your original blog. I'd love to participate in the new challenge but I think i'm just too busy to do it this time. if you have a spring or summer one I'm game. :)

  4. Hilarious! How old is the daughter? Young enough to not realize the irony.

  5. Darla - it is amazing how much my daughter will tolerate my quirky fashion style when there is shopping on the horizon.
    Young at Heart - Thank You.
    Meli - Can't wait to catch up with you. Welcome back.
    Terri - she is 14. 15 in June and I don't think she does irony. The funny thing is that when she was small we had a builder who couldn't remember her name (Briony) and called her irony!

  6. Hahaha - I don't think I ever told my mother I would not go out with her if she wore something i did not like !