Friday, 17 February 2012

Shopping Frenzy

I took my daughter to Liverpool for an orthodontist appointment today.
I had planned for lunch too and had taken some Tesco vouchers for Cafe Rouge.
We also made some money when I took back a school skirt and trousers I had ordered from John Lewis and found a cheaper skirt.
I knew I had to buy a present for my friend's daughter's 18th birthday but all was budgeted for.
So far so good.
What I hadn't accounted for was a Top Shop Sale, Kurt Geiger Sale, new underwear for me and daughter.
I am still reeling from the damage.
Thank Goodness the next dental appointment isn't until August.

I wore:
Dress - Gap
Shirt - Spanish shop
Boots - Clarks
Scarf - Boden


  1. Scary where it all goes isn't it!

    X x

  2. Those spontaneous shopping trips can put a hole in the budget but they are fun. Besides going to the dentist, even just escorting the daughter, deserves a reward.