Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Almost timefor the Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

Next week marks the start of the annual Capsule Wardrobe Challenge.
One of my favourites from last year was Biba over at Angels and Blossoms. Check out her recap here.
There is still time to join.
The rules are simple:
Between Feb 20th and Feb 24th you need to choose 10 items from your wardrobe including skirts, dresses, tops, knitwear, shoes to mix and match.
You can add five accessories such as scarves but hosiery, jewellery and underwear is not included.
Outerwear is not included as it is still very cold.
Good Luck.

Today I wore:
Boots - Clarks
Skirt - Boden
Shirt - Gap Kids (Age 7!)


  1. Was just going to say how much I loved the shirt! Age 7 wowsa!

  2. Plaid shirts and boots were made for each other. Great combo.


  3. You look fab, I love that kid's shirt! x

  4. Thank you so much for the lovely mention. Looking forward to Monday!

  5. Jewelry's not included this year? That's great! That will really help.

    I'm looking forward to it!

  6. I'm planning to take part. when should we begin posting outfits? On the 20th?

    1. Hi Terri,
      You can do it ANYWAY you want. Post every day or do a recap at the end of the week.
      When you have completed the challenge just place a comment in my comments box and I will include you in the review.

  7. this is a really cute outfit! It has a nice country vibe but is still really ladylike. :)

    As for the challenge, I'm still considering it... I'll let you know if I think I have the ability to do it!