Saturday, 28 November 2009

Family Matters

Family life is getting crazier by the day and as the holiday season approaches I am sure I will soon be heading for meltdown.
I used to think it was hard when my children were small.
I remember those wise old ladies in the supermarket who would say: "enjoy them while they're young - it doesn't last."
Of course, I smiled but mumbled something about "rose tinted spectacles".
I mean it couldn't get any harder than four children under eight.
Or could it?
I take it back.
I wish I had listened to those little old ladies who would watch me wander down the aisles, stopping every five strides to lecture my little ones on why we couldn't fill the basket with chocolate/sweets/cakes.
But those wise old sages were right.
The glazed eyes and sad expressions that I mistook for amnesia were actually looks of sympathy.
They knew what was in store for me.
And now with four children between eight and eighteen I can see the future and it only looks harder.
A few years ago I used to write a column called "Family Matters" for a series of Trinity Mirror regionals in which I would entertain readers with the familiar minutae of family life.
It was only a small column and took about 30 minutes to write each week.
But in a journalistic career that spans 20 years and has included covering the James Bulger Murder Trial, an interview with Tony Blair and numerous other high profile features, Family Matters was the only work that led to me being stopped in the street and thanked.
On several occasions.
Sadly, the column was dropped due to budget cuts in the wake of the recession.
So I was delighted when the charity ParentlinePlus approached me to write their Family Blog which you can read here.
If you like it please leave a comment - they might ask me to do more!
And as the busy season approaches I will be using this blog to help me plan my wardrobe.
I will spend this week trawling through my past posts to pick some of the more successful outfits I have worn to use as go-tos for this busy month ahead.
I started today with this outfit which I wore a few months back but this time I have added a few layers.

I wore:
Boots - Tesco
Dress - Wallis
Top - Joe Browns


  1. I'll go check out your family blog. What can I say but I totally agree about the feelings when your kids gets older and it seems that they don't need you anymore. But being a mom to my teenage boys has its rewards. I love them to death.

  2. Hope you can head off that meltdown. I'm off to check the link to your other blog entry.


  3. yeah, great news! I don't have kids yet but I'm not sure I could handle four, of whatever age!

    I love that wrap top!

  4. Hi there-great news for writing on the family blog and I like your winter layered look!

  5. Sounds great and yes teenagers!
    Will go and look.

  6. Very true - I was your daughter! I didn't actually lose my shoes just destroyed them quite successfully.
    I couldn't comment as you have to register etc and am too brain dead to do this currently.

  7. Ah! Can't wait to check out the link!

    I'm not a parent but after much observation behind the glass; I think that parenting never becomes just changes. So don't get blue about all the craziness...even though it's almost inevitable during the holidays. Just remember to take time to take a step back and soak it all in:)

  8. Will definitely check out the link. Iove this dress, and have nothing but admiration for ANYONE with four kids, let alone four between 8 and 18. You are truly a wonder woman! I'm dazzled :)