Friday, 6 November 2009

Hot Under The Collar

I've been looking for a collar to brighten up my black dresses and to prevent the black draining all the colour from my face.
I came across this one on Etsy and am thrilled with the results.
I can't wait to try it out on other items of plain clothing.
And I had some great news this weekend.
Back in August I had been advised by my GP to stop running for a while after suffering from severe pain in my groin and hip.
The pain was waking me up around 6am every day but once I was up and about it eased off.
Unfortunately no exercise has meant a very unwelcome weight gain of five pounds over the past three months.
But yesterday I finally got my appointment with a Sports Therapist and it turns out the problem is due to a very tight muscle.
After a (very painful) stretching session I woke this morning with no pain.
But I have to stretch every day for 20 minutes.
I am looking forward to starting my new regime.
Instead of four runs a week I will be running 2-3 times and adding a yoga class.
I am hoping that with some sensible eating and gentle exericise I can shed the weight in time for Christmas - a great gift to myself.
The bonus is my 18-year-old son says he wants to try yoga too so it will give us a chance to spend some time together.
Have a great weekend.


  1. beautiful :) I am so happy you can exercise again, I know you love it!! :) And no pain = wonderful!

    Have a nice weekend too!

  2. Beautiful collar! It's so intricate and special. I'm glad you can get back to your routine--I'm sure being without it has been a drag.


  3. Hi there-thats really good news that you are feeling better, I've always wanted to try yoga too but have not got round to it!! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Whenever I gain weight my husband, wise man that he is, says, "Well, it must be in all the right places!" -- so I'll say the same to you as well :)

    I adore that are so clever to add such oomph to a simple dress!


  5. I love the collar!

    And I'm a complete yoga convert, depending on what type you do it gives you cardio and muscles strength as well as stretching!

  6. Let me say this... you look really pretty and oh so lovely in that dress with that collar.

  7. That is the loveliest touch! I hearted the shop and will be planning to add a collar of my own sometime! Love it!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  8. How cool that your son wants to try yoga with you! What a great way to spend time with him.

  9. Wow, what a cool collar! I'm so glad you can run again and that it's not too serious of an injury.

  10. That is wonderful that stretching has been such a successful remedy so far! Yoga sounds like a great additional way to work out kinds in your muscle as long as you are gentle with your body. (That's one of the reasons I like hot yoga - the heat and humidity is pretty intense, but my muscles automatically relax and allow me to stretch farther than normal, and I don't come out of the class feeling like I might have over-done it.) I hope that you enjoy being able to run again!

  11. Great purchase and glad you can run again. Know what you mean - I've been nursing an injury for 12 months and can't run so am 10lbs over weight as I don't burn off as much as I used to. Will tackle v soon!

  12. Such a beautiful collar!!!
    And I'm a big fan of yoga, now I'm looking for a class to do it also.... the time... I will have to find it.

    Have a nice time


  13. The collar is great and I expect we will see you use it in some inventive and attractive ways,


  14. The collar is great!

    I love yoga, have been doing it for two years now and wouldn't be without it.

  15. I really, really love that collar! I understand about pain getting in the way of your exercise routine. I have bad back pain every month that keeps me from wanting to go to the gym; ironically, working out would make me feel better. I'm glad to hear your visit to the sports therapist helped!