Monday, 16 November 2009

In For The Kill

I am powering away on my NaNoWriMo novel now and have reached 27,000 words.
New plot turns continue to surprise me every day - my characters have a life of their own and I love it.
Tomorrow I will be killing the odious ex husband of my main character.
He embodies everything I despise in a man.
But I am not that cruel.
I will let him die a hero - helping save the life of another character who falls into stormy seas.
I enjoyed reading this story in the Daily Mail - a twist on the uniform project- and E's story about the remixing of her shrit dress.
I plan to wear this Shift dress from Next once a week for a month to play along too.
Today I had to take my son to Walton Hospital to check up on a niggling sore in his mouth.
It turns out it is a blocked saliva gland which was probably damaged when he was punched in the face a few years back.
I have to take him back tomorrow for minor surgery to get it removed.
Now I know some people berate the NHS but how is that for great service!


  1. eek! glad they found the problem, most doctors would tell him to take tylenol and call in a week lol.

    Lovely mixing of colors/patterns and layering! :) Can't wait to see what you do with the dress in the future!

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing how you to continue to re-style this dress... I love how you play with colors and layers!

  3. I'm excited to see your very own "uniform project". Your creativity will once again be tested but I know you'll pull it through.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous outfit!

  5. Very jealous, am struggling along at 19k

  6. great layers and congrats on the writing so far. can't wait to see what happens ;)

  7. Hi there-you really do layers so well, that is such a versatile dress and cardi!!

  8. Glad writing is steaming ahead! Wearing an item once a week is such a good idea - good base to play around with.
    And yes where would we be without the NHS - they are good eggs on the whole!

  9. Sounds like your writing project is going well. Enjoyed the news article on wearing one dress for a month.

    Health care? I'm in the US, don't get me started... LOL!


  10. Hope everything has been sorted out with your son's problem. I've had bad and good experiences with the NHS but I think it's got better lately. All the best. Ciao. A.

  11. Hope that all goes well with your son today.

    That must be very cathartic to be able to do what you want with characters you despise! One of my friends who is doing Nano has been telling me about how fun it is to simply decide something needs to happen to one of the characters, and know that until Nano is done, what she writes has to remain on the page.

  12. That uniform project is a great idea--I may try it. I continue to love that sweater, too! I'm glad your writing is coming along; when it's fun it can be such great, great fun.