Friday, 6 November 2009

Celebrating Tradition

Life is busy.
It gets busier every year.
The older the children get the faster the pace of life.
And sometimes things slip.
Like Halloween.
Last Saturday my nine-year-old was so excited about Halloween and he was desperate to go Trick or Treating.
We had done it for many years.
When the older children were little we dressed up, held our own parties, went to parties and made a big thing of it.
But there are so many other things in our life (and their lives) now.
This year I wanted to forget it.
I didn't even bother getting the cosutmes out of the loft.
On Thursday evening I had to dash to Tesco to get an outfit for a school dress-up for him.
Saturday came and my older two (age 14 and 18) were doing their own thing, my daughter( age 12) was going to a party with her friend and I felt a little guilty.
In the end I allowed him to invite a friend and walked to a few homes that we knew and then settled in for the night.
By 6pm it was all over with.
The following day I read this article about the importance of childhood memories, tradition and celebration.
I felt a little more guilt about the rushed Halloween.
Last night was Bonfire Night and although it was cold and wet we still trudged to the local Cub Bonfire and Firework Display.
My older two had their own plans but we went back to the friends we have spent the past six Bonfire Nights with for sausages with the younger two.
Today I emailed my brother and asked if he wanted to bring his children up in December so we can celebrate an early Christmas with our parents and our children. Something we have never been able to do before.
And I hope that these memories will remain alive for my children for many, many years to come.

I wore:
Jeans - Gap
Boots - Dorothy Perkins
Sweather and gilet - Primark
Scarf - Principles


  1. Like you, I'm noticing how quickly the time is passing and how Zoe is growing. I think because of this, I place more importance on creating memories. If I'm very honest, it's probably a way of re-parenting myself too. Something I'm realising I need to do more. Thank you for sharing this post - it's just what I needed to read today. Love, as always Hxxx

  2. Awe, I understand just how hectic life can be and sometimes, the smallest in the bunch of kids usually doesn't have the same type of experiences/memories as the older kids. I'm glad you made an effort in the end, though I can definitely appreciate the craziness of being a mom and professional.

    As always, you look wonderful! Hope you and your brother's family get to come over so that a whole batch of new memories can be created:)

  3. I have accepted the importance of childhood memories and family traditions. Kids do remember a lot. My teenage boys still remember stuff we did back when they were kids which I have long forgotten.

    Great outfit! Have a great Friday!

  4. Hi there-yes, our neighbours invited us to a really good Halloween party and its highly likely it will be the last, judging by my ones ages. It is good for them to have the memories, I agree. Love your casual chic outfit!

  5. I love this scarf! It really suits you well.

    And for me, I really treasure those memories that include some kind of family-traditions most.

    Hope besides all the business, you find time for novelling! I'm not really far into my story yet, only about 4500 words atm. I seriously need to get going a bit faster, but I somehow only manage to write two or three days a week.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. What a great scarf!
    I can only imagine how crazy this may be, i don't have kids and sometimes i am running around like a headless chicken !