Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Red Hot or Not?

This jacket has been hanging in my wardrobe for a few weeks.
The tag is still on and I'm not sure whether I should take it back or not.
I love the colour and it is a petite fit which means the shoulders and arm lengths are just right.
But I have a red jacket (not as nice as this one).
And I feel guilty about having two red jackets.
I also have a problem with this beret.
Whatever way I wear it it seems to look a little odd.
I'm not sure if it's my head.
Or the hat!

I wore:
Shoes - Clarks
Skirt - Matalan
Top (not seen) - Boden
Jacket - Marks and Spencer
Beret - Tesco


  1. Wow! Both Zoe and I love this outfit. Such bold colours ~ it looks fab. We have lots of hats and love berets, but find that they are all slightly different shapes (or maybe just fit differently). Our fave is an oversized one ~ looks good on both of us. I think a black one will add a slightly different look to this outfit. The start of a beret collection perhaps :-)

  2. the beret is a little wonky- maybe it's too big??

    I like the jacket, it's very pretty. I love longer jackets, but the cut of it works with your frame- it may bisect you a teeny bit, but it doesn't overwhelm you, so you look again tall and lean in the picture. go with your gut instinct- if you would regret returning it, then don't! :)

    you always look awesome in red in black! I think this way is esp. nice, because the red is at your face.

  3. Love that bright red color on you!

  4. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT take the jacket back! Off with the price tag! It is absolutely gorgeous, I would love to have a red jacket like that (in fact, I might pop to - the only one in Slovenia, but never mind - M&S in our capital in a few days and check their stock! Great outfit!

  5. I love that jacket on you. GREAT!
    the beret i think needs bigger hair...have you tried curls?

  6. The jacket looks fabulous. Life's too short - enjoy BOTH red jackets!

  7. Hot hot hot... I love your red jacket and I love that you made it the focal point of your ensemble. Keep both jackets, red suits you well.

  8. I like that jacket! It's so hard to find a petite jacket--the shoulders and cuffs are so often all wrong. Keep that one--two red jackets isn't gratuitous at all. As for the beanie, I can never tell. I think you look darling, but I'm so afraid of beanies because they just never look right on me, but this might be because I'm almost always wearing a bun. I say, keep them both!


  9. I love the red jacket, it's cute! I say keep it.

  10. It's decided - the red Jacket stays. Thank you so much for the persuasion. I am sure I will get my money's worth out of it.

  11. I see you've decided to keep the jacket. Good move! Fit is everything in a jacket. I'd ditch the hat. Maybe a black hat would work as someone already suggested.


  12. That jacket is supercute and I actually like the beret too...maybe you need to wear in down your forehead a bit more?

  13. Make sure you pull the beret right back so the fabric is flat against your head with most of it drooping down at the back. See here http://shoegalfi.blogspot.com/2009/09/outfit-tgi-friday.html
    and here

    Glad you're keeping the coat - definitely the right decision!

  14. I am participating in NANOWRIMO also and am over 25,000 words now. This is my first year to participate and first time to ever write a novel. It's definately been challenging, but also really fun. Good luck with yours :) ~Kendra~

  15. OMG! I luv this look it's solely classic! The coat is FABULOUS! This is why I am happy to be back in the blogosphere because I have missed your Wonderful posts!:))

  16. It does look fab - what is your other jacket like? I recommend Oranges and Apples beret it is perfect on ones head and mine is quite small.

  17. Glad you're keeping the red jacket. It's fab. Shouldn't the beret be worn slightly on the side of the head? Just a suggestion. Have anice weekend. Ciao. A.