Thursday, 26 November 2009

Pounds Per Wear

I love the belt over cardigan look for winter.
And doesn't this blogger do it well?
I found this belt in Primark for £1 and I have already worn it four times in the past week making it 25p a wear.
The Pounds Per Wear Formula was something I heard about many years ago and it may be the answer to Kate's question "Quality V Quantity?"
If you buy a coat for £400 and you wear it 25 times over 20 years that makes it £1 per wear.
And a good, classic, well-made coat should give you that kind of service.
I have had this one for 14 years.
However, a cheap £8 jacket from Primark worn only once works out much more expensive.
I also have one of these hanging in the garage.
So quality or quantity doesn't really come into it.
This skirt from Matalan cost £10 yet it is lined, made out of a thick cotton and always washes and irons beautifully.
I have worn the skirt about 15 times since I bought it and it is still as good as new.
Of course the pound per wear formula is equally transferable to any currency.
Does anyone else use this formula?

I wore:
Jeans - Gap
Boots - Dorothy Perkins
Cardigan - Tesco
Shirt - Boden (eBay)
Belt - Primark


  1. I do use the cost per wear formula... this is always my justification for buying my bags. I even posted something about the CPW being a shopaholics' all-time excuse. :-)

  2. I buy everything second hand, so I do okay on cost per wear usually. I always make sure the item will go with more than one thing, so I can make sure it gets more wear that way.

    I am thankful for your blog and your warm comments to me, Happiest of Holidays to you too Jane!

  3. Hi there-CPW is an invaluable tool to work by and its a great feeling when something stands in single figures!! A great outfit, I love this Boden blouse!!

  4. Yes! I read about the concept of "cost per wear" in a romance novel, lol, by Anne Weale writing for Harlequin years ago. I thought it was brilliant and immediately began to apply it to my life. It is particularly useful when looking at shoes and bags because they can be high ticket items about which one might have reservations until one thinks about their potential cpw. Love your blog by the way.

  5. I've just een reading your last posts. I'm sorry to hear what went on and hope you are feeling better now and that your 'litle ones' have been behaving themselves.
    I know I come late but I wish I could have given you a hugg.
    I admire your resilience and think that you face life with great courage and positivism.

  6. Good belt, good outfit and good maths!

  7. Aww, thanks!!! :) U do a fabulous job here of the belt over cardi look!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  8. I think the cost-per-wear formula is a brilliant one and I have used it myself for many years. I get a great feeling of satisfaction when something is great value for money!