Monday, 2 November 2009

NaNoWriMo - Update

I will be able to think of little else this month.
NaNoWriMo is taking over my life.
I had such a complicated set of dreams last night which today ended up in my novel and took the book on a completely different track.
That's what I love about writing.
The way it consumes you.
The way your characters take on a life of their own.
And the way you can immerse yourself in a completely different world.
A world you help shape.
Nothing like real life at all.
I reached 3,600 words today.
I am aiming for slow and steady.

Last night I went out for a meal with my husband and two of his sisters and wore the dress with tights instead of jeans and today I am influenced by the red and gold leaves in my garden.
This scarf was just £2.50 from a little shop in the Albert Dock, Liverpool.


  1. I love that scarf and boot combo- really nice!

    good luck on the writing! :)

  2. I love the scarf. I've been lusting after a few scarves lately... might need to see about buying one today!

  3. The scarf is really beautiful. Good luck with the writing Hxxx

  4. I'm so impressed with anyone doing NaBoWriMo! and SCORE on the scarf!

  5. Good luck with NaNoWriMo. Can't wait to read it! It will have pride of place on the bookshelf at Number Fifteen!

  6. love the scarf and the boots and you just look so lovely in that picture :)

    I'm not writing today, just too tired, will probably not be able to go on before thursday afternoon, but can set aside the whole of thursday afternoon for it, so I guess I'll be able to catch up since I'm a pretty fast writer.

    I know excactly what you talking about with charakters taking on their own life, and I love this energy they have.
    Writing is an awesome thing, I'm happy I started NaNo again afer not participating last year.

  7. i love the scarf and boots in the first look!

  8. You look fab in the dress. Glad all is going well.

  9. I've done it again used my private dump site and commented on yours - not that I've written anything on it for months. It's a just in case!!

  10. Oh, this outfit looks gorgeous on you! You look so lively. I'm also using this month to work hard on my novel. Cheers to good work!


  11. I love the scarf and your tights with those beautiful dresses.

    May I also say that your hair is looking fantastic!

    I'm glad to hear that NaNo is going well. I was thinking about participating this year, but unfortunately with life taking over and my computer out of commission for now, I think word-tracking may be beyond me. I may try pulling out a notebook to scribble while commuting on the bus, though.

  12. Hi there-good luck with the writing and this scarf was a fab bargain, it looks lovely!!

  13. Great deal on the scarf, nice colors in the dress and tights combo.


  14. Love the denim skirt! Where's it from?

  15. Good luck with NaNoWriMo! You look great; such a cozy-looking outfit.

  16. I love the dress tights and shoes, it looks great on you!