Thursday, 12 November 2009

Biker Boots for £16

Do you like my new boots?
I didn't have any flat black boots and everything I wanted to wear required black boots.
As I said earlier this week I am condemned to a flat shoe shuffle for the forseeable future.
But as I was shuffliing down the aisles of my local supermarket there they were.
Like manna from the Gods.
Biker Boots.
For £16.
My local Tesco.
In the children's department.
The boots go up to a UK size 6.
And even better there is 20% off at the moment which makes them - oh I don't know - cheaper.
(Sums aren't my strong point).
Of course they aren't leather.
But if you are a vegan or vegetarian it can only enhance your status.
Grocery shopping never felt this good.
Don't they look great with this dress?
I can't wait to try them out with one of my evening dresses.
I just love this one.


  1. Wow, fabulous bargain and your dress is really nice too!

  2. That is such a fabulous find and in the children's dept? Awesome!

    I love your printed dress which reminds me, I have a somewhat similar dress and I will pair it with a knee-high boots too.

  3. I only wish our grocery stores sold such cool stuff! Great find!

  4. I lOVE them jane. I am loving your flat shoe choices!!

  5. I can't believe you found those in a supermarket! So jealous.

  6. Wow, I'm off to Tesco to see if I can find a pair for my daughter. She's size 5 (I'm size 4!!!). Thanks for the tip. Have a nice weekend. Ciao. A.

  7. Cute boots. If you buy something to wear in the grocery store it goes in the "food" portion of the budget and doesn't count as clothing. Right? Thought so!


  8. awesome! I am a US size 7, which means that my feet are only one size from children's. lol

  9. They look so sturdy and cute! I love them, especially with the floaty, feminine dress. Wonderful!


  10. Hello my dear! I've given your blog a wee award, come and pick it up!

  11. LOVE the new boots, and love the styling with sweet dress. Sweet and Tough, my favorite combination!~

  12. Lovely boots they remind me of mens harleys but even better!

    xo Darla

  13. Those are awesome boots! Score!

  14. Nice! Lucky you for being able to wear children's shoes if you can find them. These look great and aren't boring in the least.

  15. I’m reminded each time I visit your blog how one's passion well expressed can inspire. Thanks for sharing, all the very best and a lovely weekend.

  16. Fabulous! I love a bargain. I often shop in the children's dept.The advantages of being petite :-)

  17. I'm not vegan or vegetarian but I can appreciate as those are smart boots.
    Me? Not going to fit into children's shoes anytime soon...:(