Monday, 9 November 2009

I Put My Blue Jeans (Skirt) On

"When I wake up
in the morning light
I put on my jeans
and I feel alright....."

This song takes me back to Guide Camp in 1977 when I was 11 years old.
In those days each pack had to create their own show and we used a popular song which we acted out by getting out of our sleeping bags and putting on our jeans.
The jeans I had to dance around in were some old cheap jeans that while serviceable were pretty unflattering.
The other girls in my pack were older, shaplier and their jeans looked great.
I remember feeling very small, dumpy and unattractive against these long-haired, long limbed lovelies.
Ever since I have hoped that one day I would find a pair of jeans that made me look like them.
I never did.
And now I have to accept that jeans emphasis all the worst parts of my body.
I can just about get away with wearing them when I am at my fighting fit but when I am caryring a few extra pounds as I am at the moment they make my wide hips look wider and my short chunky legs, well, shorter and chunkier.
But thankfully I have the antidote - my faithful denim skirt from Marks and Spencer.
It is knee length - the perfetc length for me.
The waistband emphasies my smallish waist and skims over my childbearing hips.
It feels so good I wore it both Saturday and Sunday - just like you'd wear an old favourite pair of jeans.
So it is no wonder that:
"When I wake up
in the morning light
I put on my jeans skirt
and I fell alright!"


  1. I love your first outfit... the jean skirt with the vest.

    I also had the same jeans problem when I was young, I was not shapely enough to give my jeans and me a second look from anybody.

  2. It's a great jeans skirt that you DO have ;)

    I can't find one that fits right!

    :) Lovely outfits

  3. I’ve presented you with a blog award, I hope you don’t mind! I really like your blog and highly recommend it to anyone who likes colours and pretty things!

  4. Hi there-very casual chic, I adore denim too!

  5. Practical, versatile and stylish, well done lady. Another brilliant post, thanks for sharing.
    All the very best,

  6. I could get you in a great pair of jeans! but you always look lovely in your skirt.

  7. Stop right now. You are GORGEOUS and you have a FANTASTIC figure. I wish you could see you through our eyes.

    Smile your beautiful smile,


  8. That denim skirt is so gorgeous. Both of the outfits are just stunning.

  9. I hardly think you have stumpy legs - you also look a great deal taller to me than you say you are! - but I am similar in that I really feel more confident, shapely, and pretty in skirts or dresses rather than jeans or pants. They just work better with my figure. And your denim skirt is fantastic on you.