Monday, 23 November 2009

Boden Mum

Who Do You Want To Be Today?
Today - I want to be a Boden mum.
I want to look effortlessly stylish.
Age Appropriate.
In the background I have a happy, fulfilling marriage and never row with my husband.

My home has an artfully lived in look.
I am witty, caring and always say the right things.
At the right time.
I have four beautiful but impeccably well-behaved children.
And a faithful chocolate brown labrador to cuddle up to in front of the fire.
Unfortunately, very few of those aspirations are true.
My real life is best summed up in one word - "messy".
Today I had a meeting with a teacher at one of my children's schools.
Earlier in the week there had been an incident.
A messy incident.
One of my children ended up with emergency dental treatment including one of their front teeth put back in.
And, I am sad to say they were architect's of their own misfortune.
Over the past few months my life seems to resemble a Jeremy Kyle/Jerry Springer show.
OK maybe not that bad but every day I cross my fingers and hope.
For the school meeting I wanted to seem as though as I was in control, calm and competent.
Everything I don't feel right at this very moment!

I wore:
Boots - Clarks
Skirt and Jacket - Marks and Spencer
Shirt - Boden


  1. lovely outfit- I love the mix of colors, and how the shirt pulls it all together.

    we can't all be in control all the time. I'm sure it seems chaotic, but at least we have things we can be thankful for RIGHT NOW!

    Things will settle down. The children will grow up, become responsible adults, and go their own ways soon (your son is already almost there at 18!)I wasn't always the best behaved child, but I think my parents are proud of me and what I have become. The financial problems will get better. You already are stylish and age appropriate and an inspiration to many of us. You ARE witty and caring, which is why we comment and follow you. Beautiful is as beautiful does, and you are beautiful inside and out.

    I know, perhaps this isn't what you wanted to hear. Sometimes we love to comiserate, and that can make us feel better sometimes. I hope things go better for you, and I hope you feel more in control and less stressed out.

    Good luck and have a happier day. : )

  2. I love the shirt.

    I'm sorry to hear things are a bit crazy. May 2010 offer less drama and overwhelming happiness.

  3. Hi there-sorry to hear about the incidents, family life is one step forward and two steps back I think!! Love this outfit and the shirt is really nice!

  4. Love the red on you... you truly look so fabulous in red.

  5. You look so relaxed and happy in this! You may not have a relaxing life, but you could've fooled me! Gorgeous.


  6. If it is any consolation you look perfect, and all you say in your post could probably be true. But a perfect life would be pretty boring don't you think? We all have such family issues and we can only do the best with what we have. If a stunning red jacket, a perfectly fitting skirt and sexy boots can make us think life is better than it actually is then let mind take over matter. A positive exterior has to be beneficial and good on you for having one.

  7. OMG! The RED is solely Fabulous! As always YOU look AMAZING!:))

  8. You look gorgeous, Jane. I hope things can settle down for you soon. Just remember to take solace in a quiet moment, a cup of tea, a smile (however brief) from your children, a hot shower, crisp winter air, and all the other little things.

  9. Thank you so much for your c omments - they are greatly appreciated.

  10. we can't all be in control all the time. I'm sure it seems chaotic, but at least we have things we can be thankful for RIGHT NOW!