Monday, 18 June 2012

Who Am I Today?

When I was a child there wasn't a lot of money going around.
My parents saw clothes as purely functional and they were usually bought as cheaply as possible, bearing in mind that cheaper brands then did actually last.
Marks & Spencer was the height of sophistication as far as I was concerned.
I yearned for garments, any garments from the store where the "posh people" shopped.
The only concession my mum made was for shoes.
We had very few shoes but she made sure they came from Clarks or Start-Rite.
And again this was functional, she felt a well made pair of shoes, properly fitted , was vital for our physical health.
I must admit that in the (not to distant) past I have picked up sale items with a label purely for what the brand said to me rather than it suiting me or the rest of my wardrobe.
There is an interesting article about the way we wear clothes in this month's Pyschologies magazine.
According to psychotherapist Tracey Cleantis, when we buy something to wear we are purchasing a psychological quality.
"Clothes," she says, "show who we are, and who we aspire to be.
"Ask yourself what qualities you gain through buying a particular brand.
"It's always about 'this is who I am' or 'this is who I am trying to become.' "
While I sometimes scoff about over-thinking things, I have to admit this article has made me think about what I wear and why I wear it.
Jennifer Baumgartner, author of "You Are What You Wear" suggests we look into our wardrobes and ask ourselves some searching questions.

When you wear something revealing are you celebrating your body or are you looking for attention?

When putting together an outfit, are you dressing to create or disguise yourself?

Do you usually opt for black? Are you trying to blend in with the crowd or is it a hangover from the past, for example teenage rebellion?

What is your wardrobe like? Is everything thrown is, or is it organised?

Does any item in your wardrobe cause you anxiety? Why?

What would it be like to wear the opposite of what you wear? Is there anxiety around wearing the opposite? Ask yourself why.

Today I wore:

Boots - Clarks
Leggings - Lytesse
Vest (not shown) - H & M
Linen T-Shirt - Zara
Necklace - Wallis


  1. How very interesting Jane... when I was growing up I had a lot of hand me downs and while brands were not really the issue, it was the STORE where you bought them. Certain stores simple added that special feel.
    Those questions are so very thought provoking.... I could probably write a a paper on it :)
    So I'll just answer one, my wardrobe is organized ...

  2. this definitely intrigues me, especially considering how much my style has evolved in the past few years.
    I think i am most guilty of buying things that have no practicality in my current life, with the hopes that I will find myself in a situation that demands them in the future.

    my closet is mostly organized, but now that i have more clothes that it can physically hold, things are getting a bit messy.

  3. Yum Yum. That necklace is a perfect fit and style for your white shirt. Great combo

  4. Your upbringing sounds so similar to mine--though my mother sewed many of our clothes, but the shoe routine was very similar. I know that I often purchase clothing in the thrifts that is all wrong when I get it home.

  5. Interesting questions, would like to read the whole article. Comfort is a major focus for me these days but I mean comfort without looking like I should be working in my garden (at best). I don't care about brands in the sense that my clothes will be recognized as such but have found certain brands fit me best and so often stick with those when shopping.