Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Have you tried Pinterest yet? 
I love spending a few idle minutes browsing the pins on the Food and Women's Apparel boards. 
When I am struggling for ideas my boards give me some inspiration. You can check out my boards here but you will need to be a member. 
I have created several boards including "My Style"; "Summer 2012" and Autumn 2012.
 If you haven't given it a go yet, try it - you may be surprised. 
But beware - it is addictive!

If you use Pinterest, how do you use it?

 I wore: 
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins 
Trousers - Primark 
Top - Oasis
 Cardigan -Tesco 
Necklace - Walis


  1. I opened a pinterest account but have yet to really use it - I already have so many things that suck up my time, I decided I didn't need another one ;)

    Fabulous necklace!

  2. I had a play with it last year but couldn't really understand the point, I've forgotten my password now and everything!
    Love your hair like that, great result with the footie, shame it was such a dull game. x

  3. I do use it but not as much as I should x

  4. Everybody seems to be into Pinterest, but I daren't! I spend way too much time online as it is, if I get into anything else I'd never make the kids tea, or get the ironing done, or sleep!
    You look very chic today! xxx

  5. Lovely outfit!

    Yes! I adore Pinterest it's so fun. I use it to catalog inspiration especially vintage photos and vintage styles.


  6. HI Jane
    I discovered Pinterest a few months back. I use it for decoration and organization ideas and a few inspired by looks :)

  7. I'm avoiding Pinterest at the moment. My daughter is always telling me about something "pinned", mostly foods. I need to weed out my bookmarks, groups, etc. Then maybe I can add a new one.


  8. I do use Pinterest, but in practice I use it very differently than I thought I would. I had expected that I would pin items that were out of my price range. In practice, I pin recipes and DIY ideas! Followed you on P.