Friday, 22 June 2012

Hoping For A Boss Day

To Scousers (people who are born and bred in Liverpool), the word “boss” is an adjective used to describe something that brings great pleasure.
“That was a boss meal that,” translated to standard English means:  “That was a lovely meal.”

However, when the word is used as a definite article and proper noun such as “The Boss” it means something entirely different.

I am, of course, talking about Bruce Springsteen.

And this is what I am wearing.
My 12-year-old son's waterproofs.

Today we will be braving the wind and rain to watch The Boss in Manchester - a city famous for wet weather.
When I booked the tickets as a Christmas gift for my husband in December I imagined June 22nd would be filled with blue skies and warm sunshine.
When I checked the forecast yesterday I was wrong. Very wrong.

"Generally cloudy with rain for much of the day, this heavy in places.


  1. After years of music festivals in all manner of weather conditions I think you can tell a truly great band/singer by their ability to perform so well you don't even notice the rain. I'm sure The Boss will be worth the pain! xxx

  2. Hope you have a boss time queen.

  3. Whatever the weather, you will have a great time at one of the Boss' legendary gigs. I'm jealous! xxxxx

  4. The Boss Rocks! Lucky you!

  5. I love learning new things...