Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Charity Shop Finds

There are around six charity shops in our village and on Saturday  I went round them all.
I have managed to uncover some treasures in each and today was no exception.
My first treasure of the day was this lovely white cotton Dorothy Perkins skirt for £4.00 in the Marie Curie shop.

And just when I was on my way home I made my final stop at the Claire House shop where I discovered this brand new 100% linen Boden blouse for £4.95.
 I always save this shop until last because it rarely disappoints.
Last winter I found this Hobbs skirt there.

I usually leave it a month or so between shops and allow myself £10.00 to spend.
This money doesn't come out of my clothing budget as I consider it a donation to charity.
The only rule I have is that for one new thing I buy in a charity shop I must donate two items to a different charity shop.
Do you ever shop in charity/thrift stores?

Today I wore:
Trainers: Converse
Skirt : Thrifted Dorothy Perkins
Vest: Tesco
Denim Shirt: Spanish shop


  1. What great finds. I get quite a but from charity shops and jumble sales. Not only is it a very cheap way to top up your wardrobe but a nice way to give to local charities too.

    X x

  2. I love your finds! I would love to shop in charity stores but there aren't any in the area where I live. I do give my clothes to the local charity but things are always directly handed out to those in need. I love the idea of charity shops, though!

  3. You found some good things. I do shop at charity shops/thrift stores occasionally. I mostly find books there but seldom anything to wear.


  4. that's a pretty good policy one in two out - it must really keep your closet under control!

    love the white and chambray!
    Chic on the Cheap