Saturday, 30 June 2012

Monthly Budget Buys

This was a bumper month. Thanks to the early sales I blew my June, July and August budget in one month.
I had set my monthly budget at £88.00.
I spent £309.85 in June. That is more than three months worth.
Despite the spending spree I am pleasantly surprised with some investment buys inlcuding the leather bag, Banana Republic skirts, Gap jacket , ballet shoes and chambray shirt.
I am sure I will get my money's worth with the cost per wear calcuation.
To stop the rot I will participate in 31 for 31 in July.
And I will have an ebay clearout when I finish work for the summer.
Apart from allowing myself a £10.00 charity shop spend I will not be parting with  another penny on clothes until September.
The full list with prices is below the picture.

1. Tan Leather Bag from Clarks £39.99 (reduced from £79.99)
2. White Gap Jacket £29.99 (reduced from £59.99)
3. Grey Banana Republic Skirt £29.98 (reduced from £49.50)
4. Gold Peacock Matalan Dress £28.00
5. Safari Skirt from banana Republic £24.98 (reduced from £45.00)
6. Lace Top £18.00 from local boutique
7. Striped Matalan Jacket £16.00
8. Blue Oxford Chambray Shirt Gap Boys £12.95
9. Blue Tesco Jeans £14.00
10. White Tesco Jeans £14.00
11. Coral Striped Oasis Top £10.00 (reduced from £20.00)
12. Gap Leather Belt £9.99
13. Striped Matalan Bikini £9.99
14. Orange Spotted Peplum T-shirt Matalan £9.00
15. Spotty Matalan Bikini £7.99
16. White Linen Boden Shirt (Charity Shop) £4.99
17. Leopard Print Ballet Shoes Clarks £29.99

Total £309.85


  1. What a great idea to do this, like a monthly confessional! I remember when I first started the blog, I used to list what I had bought down the sidebar but that only lasted a year but I like this idea very much and its a great way for readers to catch up with things you bought at the beginning of the month, that they liked but maybe forgot about.

  2. Gosh you did have a spend. Some very nice buys though.

    X x

  3. I love it all....especially the orange dotted peplum shirt. You did a good job choosing very useable pieces and added a boost to your season wardrobe. Now you will be good...right? Just like me..haha....I'm trying not to spend any more anyway! It's hard!

  4. aIAIAIIA you remind me of me when i travel. I go a little bzerk shopping.
    However i do think you got really good prices on some amazing items. You will get your money 's worth.