Friday, 29 June 2012

Blue Swan

TGI Friday.
Just one week to go before the students leave for the summer.
And then just half a week and I am OFF WORK for Five Weeks.
I can't believe I have survived my first academic year as a Progress Coach.
Well almost.
I have loved seeing my first year students grow and helped my second year students onto the next stage of their journey.
I will miss the ones who have left but I am looking forward to the new students starting in September.
I have also been given the extra responsibility of looking after the high fliers next year.
I will have the Inspire students - the ones who are expected to go on to Oxford and Cambridge, those who plan to study medicine, Veterinary Science and Dentistry.
I will be guidng them through the UCAS process, writing their references and taking responsibility for their pastoral care.
It will be challenging but I am looking forward to it.
Today I met my first Inspire groups and I wanted to give a good impression which is why I wore my old favourite Gap dress which slots easily into the smart/casual part of my wardrobe.
I love the way clothes can make you feel safe, in control and calm. This dress is the sartorial equivalent of a swan. On the surface it makes me look calm while underneath I am kicking away furiously to get where I want to go.

Do you have old faithfuls too?

I wore:
Shoes - Clarks
Dress - Gap
Belt - Tesco
Necklace - Principles


  1. I love how you compare your frock to a swan, brilliant analogy! All my clothes are old and I'm quite faithful to them, I wouldn't trade them in for a younger model, that's for sure! x

  2. You look very pretty.

    I have a couple of very trusty dresses that I fall back on when nothing else feels right.

    Hope your vacation time arrives quickly! I'm on break from school and work until August...and I'm just about ready to go back NOW!!!

  3. That's great dress, especially with the tan accessories and that amazing necklace.
    I definitely have my "go to" dresses which are easy to wear and always make me feel good. A wardrobe needs a few of those! xxx

  4. Great Look and you would certainly have made an impression! Shame you couldn't have helped us with the UCAS process and the student loan business is a damn nightmare!

  5. Nice choice - blue is also professional.
    The necklace is lovely and i think that you have a great responsability at hand !

  6. Your work sounds both challenging and rewarding. The outfit is very professional looking without being stuffy, I'm almost sure the kids you work with would be put off by "stuffy. Can we get a close up of that necklace sometime?