Thursday, 14 June 2012

Something Old, Something New.....

Don't worry - this is not a bridal post.
As the weather is still cool I needed to wear boots and this lovely thick, flouncy skirt that I have had for at least two years.
The top is my last purchase of May and I love the way the coral mixes with the blue.
After losing a few unwelcome pounds with Weight Watchers I feel a little more secure wearing my belts again.
I am still at least 10 pounds heavier than when I started blogging in 2008 but I think I am destined to carry a little extra to flesh out the ageing process.
Still, I saw a poignant reminder on a poster today which listed things to be grateful for.

It said:

I am thankful for....

the clothes that feel a little too snug as it means I have enough to eat.

I wore:
Boots - Clarks
Skirt - Principles
Top - New Look
Belt - Tesco
Necklace - Fossil


  1. You know I love those boots! What a terrific quote. x

  2. Oh, I see we are experiencing the same weight issues Jane :)
    The difference is you have lost the 10 pounds ! Hurray !
    We do not have weight watchers here... and for now, until i get my act together I will also be thankful for those extra pounds.

  3. You still look lovely and slim in your photos - must be to wear a flounced skirt so well! Like the quote but think I need to get back to my daily walking routine to lose that 'too snug' feeling.

  4. So true.
    The boots work with EVERYTHING, don't they? Lovely colour combination. xxx

  5. Great quote. loving the skirt.

    Those boots are fab too.

    X x

  6. The coral does look lovely with the blue. Glad you saw that poster it has made me feel better about my middle aged spread!

  7. It's a beautiful look. I don't notice these pounds at all...

  8. such a pretty look!
    I love to wear boots with anything aswell and it looks fab

    I didn't notice any extra pounds you commented on, you look amazing x

    I want to try weight watchers actually, I've heard a lot of good things about it

    Natali xox

  9. Love this look! The skirt is amazing and I really like the way you styled it!

  10. Great color combo and I particularly like the skirt. I like diagonal stripes.


  11. Amen to that quote - we are blessed.

    I love those boots - what is the weather coming to that we are wearing boots in June?!!