Wednesday, 25 September 2013

What To Wear To Cycle To Work

I don't wear anything specialist to cycle to work.
The thought of lycra makes me shudder.
As long as I can get a coat over it, pretty much anything goes.
I take my inspiration from glamorous cycling bloggers like this one.
So it made me smile when my son got in from school.
"My PE teacher was impressed when he saw you cycling to work this morning mum. He asked me if you cycle all the way to work. In those boots."
I looked down and for the first time saw myself as others do.
But actually cycling in heels is much more sensible than it sounds.
When I have to stop, my feet hit the ground so much quicker.
Today I thought I would share my cycle to work with you before it gets too dark in the mornings.

A mile from home and I hit three miles of cycle track.
Three miles in and it's time to meet the horses.
Sometimes they come to the fence.

Almost four miles and by the RAF base.

I have missed out the three miles of road and I am just a mile away here as I take a short cut through the hospital and past the pond.
Competing for space with the pigeons.

Just one minute away.
And finally, after 8.5 miles and 45 minutes I am here.

Any questions?

I wore:
Boots - Clarks
Dress - Boden


  1. I cycle about 7 miles to work once or twice a week but I get a bit hot and sweaty, so a change is necessary - therefore I wear my cycling gear anyway. How do you manage?

    1. I researched this befor I started. Only stale sweat smells and I do not sweat very much. I shower every morning and cycle at a leisurely pace so I don't break a sweat. The route us completely flat so it is nice and easy.

    2. Mines a bit hilly, perhaps that's my problem :-). (And I don't leave enough time to do it at a leisurely pace lol)

  2. Questions no, I am full of admiration, though. You are a great example!

  3. Mmm.... i have been thinking about borrowing my neighbor's bike to ride to work.
    It's a 3 minute ride max, but i have yet to figure what i would wear. I also have to wait for rainy season to pass.

  4. Jane you are a glamorous cyclist as well! You look amazing in the dress with the boots. You have a wonderful way to work with a lot of beautiful views.

  5. Admire you for cycling to work and back. Looks like most of the trip is away from traffic which is a good thing.