Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Layer Love

Off to work on my bike again today.
I am determined to make the most of the dry weather and cycle while there is still some light left at the end of the day.
It is such a wonderful way to unwind and when I get home I can relax knowing I have cycled 17 miles or 90 minutes that day.

The temperature can vary by 20 degrees from 7.30am until I leave at 4.30pm so I need a few layers to ensure I am comfortable.
It is rare but today I got it just right.
I wore:
9. Jeans - Tesco
25. Leopard Shirt
Shoes - Clarkss
17. Jacket - Paul Costelloe
Tench - Gap


  1. Well done - on the cycling and the successful layering! xxx

  2. i love your berry colored skinnies. they look like a great fall essential.

  3. I'm very impressed with your bike riding, don't get that belt caught in the spokes, though! x

  4. Well done with the cycling! I'm not so good on the exercise front at the moment - too many builders to give tea too! Love the Mac! X

  5. I imagine you looking stylish as you peddle along. Layers are perfect.


  6. I love your trench coat, I think Gap sell really good quality ones. I am looking for one for the Autumn. Well done on the cycling, I would be asleep as soon as I got to work if I cycled lol :-) xx