Thursday, 12 September 2013

Lost And Found

The good news is that Joe's driving licence has been found.
The bad news is that the person who found it posted a long letter on The Lad's Bible taking the mickey out of my son and at the last count had 5,000 likes.
But thanks to the power of social networking my son had contacted the person who found it via twitter and is making arrangements to get it back.

So much for a quieter life when Joe went to university.

Today was a busy day at work and it rained for most of the day.
I wanted a warm, easy to wear outfit.
But even I am shocked to discover that I am wearing black tights before the end of September.

14. Striped Top - M and Co
18. Black Bandage Skirt -  Marks and Spencer
Boots  - Clarks


  1. Nice outfit - glad to see that stripes are still OK for late summer/early autumn! I wore a thermal vest under my double layer striped polo top today. Then had to dash to the loo to remove it (the thermal)as the sun came out and the temp rose to a very warm day. Am sticking to trousers under dresses (and tops) rather than tights for the moment. Don't want to give in to tights too soon as they seem too autumnal even though trousers are warmer!

  2. Stripes are a good idea, you look fabulous in this outfit. I also wore black tights yesterday with a summer skirt. Always better than having cold.
    How fine Joe gets back his licence - saves a lot of money.

  3. Ah, the dramas of being a college student - so fun yet I'm glad it's over ;)

    I love how you transformed this striped shirt from yesterday. Great job on the 333 so far!

  4. It is cold/overcast in the morning here then sunny/warm in the afternoon. Only layers work at the moment and tights would be too warm.

    Glad Joe got his license back.


  5. Glad he found his license!
    I think the Black Country's having different weather - it's 18 degrees here! I'd die if I wore tights! Great top. x

  6. Love the striped top. I wish I had put my tights on as I was cold today at work! Autumn is definitely here! Have a good weekend x

  7. We are having crazy weather - wearing my sunglasses and sandals this morning, wet through by the school run this afternoon!
    Lovely stripes and cool boots. Good to know the licence was found. xxxxx

  8. This is a gorgeous look on you. Love it! Lynne x