Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Wednesday Woes

Joe has been gone
 three days and already we have received an SOS.
He has lost his driving licence.
He took a taxi back to where he thought he'd lost it.
Not there.
Got a taxi back.
Now just £5 to last the rest of Freshers' Week.
I did tell him Uni would be a steep learning curve.
In budgeting.
The academic stuff is a doddle.
It is the life skills that pose the struggle as most of us who have been schooled in the university of life will agree.
I sent him a long email on budgeting.
His dad transferred £50 to his bank account.
Mr Nice and Mrs Nasty.
Ah well.
I wore:
2. Breton Top
5, Gap Skinnies
8. Gap Jacket


  1. Oh dear, I'd have been bad cop, too, I'm afraid. I don't think I took a taxi until I had a full-time job! xxx
    PS That's not a belt, it's part of the dress!

  2. eh!!!! mine are exactly the of Mom & Dad!! But hey isn't that what we sign up for when we have them xx

  3. Strangely enough my son lost his driving licence during freshers' week too, last year. He quickly learnt to fend for himself and he's much more confident now. Your Joe will get more independent too...Love th jacket. Ciao. A.xx

  4. I shall be referring back to all of these posts in a few years time and having a chuckle when my kids go through this too! My eldest has no idea of budgets at all - or where his clean clothes come from.

  5. Sounds like you are the perfect Mom and Dad team. A little lecture plus a little help. Kids need both.


  6. I would have been Mrs Mean too :)

  7. Life strikes him hardly, I see!
    If I could sell all the things lost by my son, I would be a rich woman.
    You look marvellous in your pattern mix dress, I love the dots and the stripes.

  8. great print mix!
    and someone has to be the sensible parent, unfortunately.
    Chic on the Cheap