Sunday, 1 September 2013

Project 333: Autumn

Long time readers of my blog will be aware of my fascination with capsule wardrobes.
I was stunned when I came across the ZeroWasteBlog that features a teeny, tiny caspsule of clothes.
Although when you see pictures of the blogger, Bea, you realise she would probably look amazing in a recycled bin bag.

As someone who is more mature, shorter and rounder, my clothes have to work that much harder, which is why I am having a go at the Project 333 challenge.

You pick 33 items and wear them for three months.

Outerwear, sports gear and loungewear is not included.

Purists include shoes and accessories within the 33 but I am taking baby steps and sticking to clothes especially as I am a first timer and our climate will change from 24C to 0C over the next three months.

I haven't picked all items yet so I will add the inventory details as I go.

But here's a snapshot of my Autumn picks.


  1. Yes you are right our climate over the next three months, well, anything could happen! Love it when you do these challenges, good luck! x

  2. I enjoyed it when I did a similar challenge, but was ready for a change come the end! WIll enjoy watching along! X

  3. I love when other bloggers do this but it would stress me out too much! Having said that, excluding shoes, a fairly small wardrobe. I'm lethal for clearing out! Good luck with this - I can't wait! x

  4. I love the idea of this! I'll enjoy seeing your journey! Lynne x

  5. Cant wait to follow all your choices:)

  6. I could totally do this, though I don't have the time to take photos all the time. I might join in the future!

  7. Three months is a long time. You are so good at these challenges that I am sure you will succeed and I'll enjoy watching as the days/months go by.


  8. Oh, I love to follow challenges like this. The last one I did had a profound effect on me. Good luck.