Thursday, 19 September 2013


I look a crabby old cow today .
I remind myself of our old French teacher Miss Cohen who must be knocking on 70 now. 
She was very strict. 
But she liked to dress up.  
I like to imagine that she is now one of those funky fabulous fashionistas featured on Channel 4 the other night.
If you haven't seen it then visit the Channel 4,website. 
It was the best piece of TV this year.

I wore:
Boots - Clarks
21.Skirt - South
22. Shirt - Whistles
Body - Marks and Spencer


  1. You do look like you might be giving someone orders they need to follow, hahaha. Will have to click the link you provided.


  2. You do look a bit peed off but the colour of your blouse is lovely! x

  3. Ha, my "resting face" is always pissed off too!
    Love the maxi, and enjoyed the documentary too. xxxx

  4. Lovin' the coral element here!


  5. Hate the grey maxi. So not you - sorry!

    And as I am almost the same age as your French teacher I would be running scared. Except that my French teachers in the 1960s were either young and so Truffaut film star adorable or older and wonderfully magnificent like the women in the funky fashionista programme. Cx