Sunday, 1 September 2013

Weekend Stripes

The first day of autumn and the first day of Project 333.

These are my replacement Martha jeans bought from eBay.
The long sleeved t-shirt from Boden was a summer staple and will hopefully prove to be a useful transitional garment with layering opportunities as the weather cools.

Before starting Project 333 I checked the calendar to see how my weeks would fall and it appears that 60% of my wardrobe will be workwear with 40% casual or weekend.
As the dress code at work is fairly relaxed there will be some crossover.
I am excited about the experiment but how I will feel at the end of November may be another story.

Tomorrow and Tuesday may be a little more challenging as I am due to appear as a witness in a court case!

Item 1: Top Shop Jeans
Item 2: Boden Top


  1. I love this outfit, the striped top is lovely. I love Topshop jeans, I go there straightaway when I need to find a pair. They are a really good cut :-)

  2. Can't beat a breton, always a great casual look. Good luck at Court, my middle daughter has to go next month as witness about a guy who exposed himself at her when she was away at Uni - awful and she is so sensitive that one, cried when the Police even rang her. x

  3. The new jeans have a perfect fitting. To mix them with a striped tee is a good option.

  4. Glad you managed to get a replacement for your beloved jeans. Good luck at court. x

  5. Great challenge! Sheila Ephemera did 12 consecutive 30 for 30 challenges and has some great thoughts on what makes a capsule that size work (and what doesn't!). Might be worth a read before you settle on your 33 :-). Have fun!

  6. I had to go and google the 333 experiment before i knew what it was... this sounds like a tough one Jane !
    i guess you'll not be doing the capsule challenge this time around?