Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Grey Matter

I am making the most of the dry weather to cycle into work.
Although it is warm in the afternoons it is rather chilly before 8am when I leave for work so this grey layer is perfect.

Our students don't begin until next Monday so it is still casual dress for work.
I spent the day writing lesson plans and catching up with all the latest developments.
I am excited; I always love the start of a new school year.

5. Gap Skinnies
6. Gap grey sweater
7. Zara Shirt


  1. There is a nip in the air first thing but it's gorgeous once the sun;s up. Good for you, cycling to work! x

  2. I'm never sure what to wear first thing when I'm walking to work early in the morning. Your layering is a perfect idea.
    I start back at work tomorrow after six weeks off and I'm hoping the weather is going to be warm but I think I will still take something warm for the morning! :-)

  3. that shirt does look quite cute layered up with your sweater and statement necklace!

  4. Love the grey sweater. I'm trying hard to not miss the excitement of a new school year this year...

  5. Great look, I like the layers of the shirt/sweater on you and I'm sure both pieces will play a great role in your challenge.


  6. It's the same here, chilly first thing then glorious later, Layering's the way forward! xxx

  7. Love the shirt - is it current? x

  8. I want to be a preppy dressing teacher like you :)
    Do you ever receive compliments from your students regarding the way you dress?