Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Finally, the answer to the perennial leggings issue.
Treggings - a mixture of trousers and leggings - means they are slim enough to fit easily into my boots yet thick enough that I don't feel as if I am wearing a pair of tights as trousers.
And even better these Top Shop Treggings are high-waisted which means they are comfortable and warm.
Never thought I would hear Top Shop and comfortable in the same sentence.
I wore:
Boots - Clarks
20. Treggings
14. Top - M and Co
Scarf - New Look


  1. The outfit looks great but I do loathe the word "treggings!" x

  2. Never heard of treggings. The style looks well on you but not something I would be able to pull off. I only wear leggings under long skirts when it is really cold.


  3. Pants appropriate to tuck into boots are absolutely necessary in fall and winter. Your treggings are perfect. Your tee is cute, I like it with the scarf.

  4. Sound good! I'm a fan of the Warehouse Jeggings, still confused by the difference between a tregging and jegging, wonder if there is one!

  5. I haven't entered the world of treggings yet but I love Topshop so I am going to go and have a look for a pair as they look really nice on you. :-)