Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Under Observation

It was my annual teaching observation today.
My class was wonderful but 45 minutes under close scrutiny by two members of the senior leadership team had the inevitable consequences.
I stumbled over my words, I forgot names and I rushed.
Things I NEVER normally do.
Still feeling fragile.

I wore:

Boots - Whistles
Skirt - Noa Noa
Top - Next
Scarf - Gift


  1. My friends always say the same. I hope you rewarded yourself with a celebratory drink afterwards. x

  2. Like your hair here. Isn't if frustrating when we mess up under pressure. I'll bet it wasn't as evident to others as it was to you.


  3. Oh I am sorry to hear this.
    I think if i had to go through this I would freak out - totally.
    In fact i am considering applying to teach a Marketing class and this is one of the things keeping me away.

  4. Jane, I'm sure you did a good job. The members are for sure well experienced enough to see that the faults came from your nervousness and not from your disability.
    In any case you look fabulous! I love the skirt with the ruffles at the hem.

  5. I guess most people feel anxious and don't perform in their usual way when they are under the pressure of being assessed. I'm sure you did far better than you think, Jane! And you certainly looked very stylish, which always helps. xxx

  6. Its horrid isn't it, being watched. Like you say things that you would never normally do have a habit of happening. Still at least its done for another year.

    X x