Tuesday, 12 March 2013

It's A Wrap

This cold weather has had me burrowing in the wardrobe for the winter woolies I packed away.
This toasty Karen Millen cardigan can always guarantee I will feel nice and warm.
I am not too sure about the skirt though as I think it is a little too short.
I have to confess I am weeding out my shorter skirts and dresses now and feel far more confortable when they are just on the knee.
Hurry up spring.
Even I am getting fed up of black and red.
I wore:
Boots and Skirt - Boden
Top - Marks and Spencer
Cardigan - Karen Millen


  1. I like the skirt - think you can definitely pull it off but I know where you're coming from, especially in a work environment. Have always loved that cardigan - gorgeous! Avril x

  2. With the tights, the skirt doesn't look shirt at all! Great cardi, again :)

  3. March weather is so unpredictable. It snowed hard here for a bit today,,,giant snowflakes.

    Red is your color....great outfit.

  4. I think the skirt's a perfect length, you look lovely! x

  5. Spring keeps fooling us here. Bright sun one day and covered in fog the next. That cardi would be great to have for today's weather.