Thursday, 28 March 2013


I am a big fan of Poppies and just had to have this scarf when I found it on the  Precis website.
I have been thinking about building up my scarf collection ever since I came across Mai Tai's blog.
I can't tell you the difference it makes investing in a good quality scarf.
It may have cost over £30 but this scarf ties and falls so much better than my cheaper ones.
Just look at this print.
If that doesn't remind you of summer than I don't know what does.
I love the thrill of seeing beautiful poppies spring up in the most surprising of places while I am running or walking the dog.
I am always amazed at how the seemingly fragile paper thin petals defy the elements.

Precis have also used this print for a Bardot style top so I am saving my pennies for an Easter treat.
I wore:
Boots - Boden
Dress - Boden
Cardigan - Tesco
Scarf - Precis


  1. Beautiful pattern, I love it!

  2. Great scarf. I love poppies too although here in California the wild ones are a bright yellow with an orange tint.


  3. Jane,

    Oh how I wish you hadn't mentioned scarves today. Or pointed me in the direction of the Precis website (with those gorgeous scarves!). The thing is, in anticipation of warmer weather, I've been on a scarf*-buying spree (or should that be scarves-buying spree).
    * ahem, among other things..

    Hi, my name is GG and I am addicted to scarves.

    I thought I was rehabilitated because I hadn't added to my vast scarf collection for over a year, but I was clearly wrong. Come February 2013 and something inside me snaps. The old addiction comes back with a vengeance! In the past few weeks, I must have added at least seven scarves to my collection (4 of them ordered online this morning) - and now I'm itching to get the poppy one (though I probably won't - I really will have to see a shrink if I do).

    You're right about the quality though. I'm a big fan of Gap scarves. I have three and they are my absolute favourites. I think I might send you a photo of my collection sometime if that's ok with you.

    GG, Lincoln xx

  4. P.S. You look beautiful! Red really suits you.

  5. I love poppies, the poppy print is beautiful. Poppies remind me of England and of Kenzo perfumes :)
    I think it's a great buy.

  6. A wonderful print, I have seen a similar on a skirt and I love it.

  7. I love Poppies too and I really like your scarf and your outfit!