Friday, 29 March 2013

Great Friday

It's Friday.
I'm on holiday for two weeks and one day.
It's not just a Good Friday, it's a Great Friday.
This morning I took my daughter into the village to get her hair done and I had a mooch around and a coffee.
It was bliss just sat there on a lovely comfy sofa reading my latest book.
This afternoon we will take the dog for a walk and tonight we will have a relaxing evening.
No more work for a while which is just as well as yesterday was not the best day.
I got the feedback from my observation and it wasn't great.
It was "Satisfactory."
But hey ho, it could have been worse.
And I have lots of fabulous plans for the next two weeks.
Hope you have a Great Good Friday.
I wore:
Shoes - Converse
Jeans - Top Shop
Top - Tesco
Jacket - Miss Selfridge
Scarf - Kurt Geiger


  1. I am glad you are getting to relax for at least 2 weeks. Funny thing is that i am also 2 weeks and a day off from starting my next class, which i still do not know if i am going to take...
    How many times are you evaluated ?

  2. You look like a teenager! In the best possible way, of course :)
    Have a lovely Easter and enjoy your break!

  3. I hope your evaluators were more constructive than a one word comment - so difficult to perform naturally when you are under observation (and when it is a one off observation). Hope you enjoy your break.

  4. You look great, what a lovely start to your hols! x

  5. Hey, you look great in that rocky casual look!
    Happy holidays enjoy your free time!

  6. Ohhh I am jealous - two week of vacation sounds fantastic and you look pretty and relaxed!

  7. Ohhh I am jealous - two weeks of vacation sounds lovely! And you look pretty and relaxed!

  8. Enjoy your vacation! I love this casual outfit; the shoes make it even better. Have a great two weeks and don't fret your evaluation...Satisfactory isn't bad.

  9. A lovely casual look, enjoy your 2 weeks off.
    I have teacher friends who bemoan the fact that "satisfactory" doesn't actually meaning that anymore... How hard it is to perform normally when under scrutiny. xxxx

  10. perfect casual look - i love the leather jacket with the chucks!
    Chic on the Cheap

  11. Great look - I would call it Paris casual. Sounds like you'll have a nice break. I hope the weather gets better over there.

    I hate work reviews. They can be so arbitrary and based on very little information. We have some changes in store at work, and I don't know how that's going to go yet. Makes me miss the days of self-employment!